Everything You Should Know When Eating Without Teeth or Dentures

Everyone is born with no teeth and, as babies, you tend to be fed soft foods that can be swallowed without chewing. As baby teeth arrive, your palette expands and you can start enjoying a much wider variety of foods. Naturally, these baby teeth get replaced by adult teeth and you can enjoy almost any meal.

But, if you don’t visit a reputable dentist, like this dentist Narre Warren, it is highly likely that you’ll develop dental cavities. These, if left, can result in infection and tooth loss.

Of course, there are many other reasons why you may be facing eating without teeth, such as a trauma or an illness. One thing you should note is that this is recommended. If you can’t afford implants or are waiting for them to be ready, you should use dentures. Here’s why:

Gum Damage

Your teeth work n conjunction with your gums and jaw to break food up into small enough particles that you can eat them. Without any teeth you will still go through the chewing motion. But, your mouth will have much less force, which places significant pressure on your gums and even your jaw.

The result is your gums will become irritated and they are likely to feel constantly sore. Your jaw will also feel the same and there will be an increased likelihood of TMJ; that’s a painful jaw that clicks and can lock up.


Because the food is constantly being pushed against the gums they are likely to be damaged. This allows bacteria to get not your gum line and start multiplying. You are likely to end up with an infection and, if left, this could develop into a serious health risk.

Stomach Issues

Although you’ll try to chew without gums you won’t be able to break the food up in the same way as if you had teeth. This means larger pieces of food will be swallowed than normal. These can get stuck in your body and cause an internal infection. They can also irritate the stomach lining and cause a variety of other issues such as flatulence.

Lack Of Nutrition

It’s worth noting that you absorb nutrients when you break down food in your stomach. If pieces of food are larger than usual your body may struggle to break them down and get the nutrients from them. That means, although you are eating plenty, your body isn’t getting the nutrition it needs.

Naturally, this will lead to a variety of health problems as your body struggles to undertake various tasks.

The Bottom Line

Nutritional supplements and smoothies can help your body stay healthy. But, they won’t prevent all the negative effects associated with eating without teeth or dentures. You need one of these to stay healthy. If you are missing your teeth and don’t have dentures you need to see a dentist and get the issue resolved as soon as possible. There is help available for those who need it.

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