Five Things You Should Know Before Undergoing Invisalign Treatment

Every individual who has ever lived under the sun exhibits some uniqueness that differentiates them from the rest. Just like the disparity among human beings, the dental formula has its disparity regarding the arrangement and size of teeth which defines the smile’s attractiveness. For instance, some individuals have crooked and misaligned teeth, which usually lowers their confidence, especially when smiling in public. If you have been looking for a solution for your crooked teeth without bearing fruits, you should not worry since Dr. Kenn Kakosian provides efficient invisalign to boost the arrangement of your teeth. Here are things you should know before undergoing the invisalign treatment.

Try to keep the aligners inside the mouth for more time

When you choose the invisalign to correct the arrangement of your teeth, you should learn how to keep those aligners inside most of the time. Once you adopt this habit consistently, you will realize the best results within the shortest time. Most dental specialists will recommend that you retain the aligners and refrain from removing them unless you drink, eat, or brush. Having the aligners in your mouth most of the time will make you get used to the new habit, and you will barely notice that you have them.

You should adjust how you speak

One thing about the invisalign aligners is that they can alter your speech at first. When the specialist fixes the invisalign in your mouth, you may experience some lisp before you eventually adapt. Therefore, you need to prepare for the speech impairment to avoid shocks and worries when you are speaking after the invisalign procedure. You should try and learn to speak while wearing the aligners, even if you may feel tempted to remove them. When you remove the aligners while speaking, you will experience speaking difficulties when they are in your mouth.

The treatment length differs from one person to another

Before undergoing the invisalign procedure, you should know how long the procedure would take for your dental health. It would help if you did not compare your treatment span with your friends and relatives since their therapy may not work for you. Besides, the period in which the treatment length will last depends on the condition of your teeth. For example, if you have a slight misalignment in your teeth, the procedure will take fewer weeks than when you have a great misalignment.

Always floss your teeth

While wearing the invisalign, flossing is a crucial exercise you must practice regularly. Flossing reduces the chances of plaque accumulation in your teeth, thus boosting your oral health. Further, flossing avoids rubbing the food remains against the aligners, thus boosting their effectiveness in enhancing the proper arrangement of teeth.

Watch your drinks

It would help if you were careful about the drinks you take while wearing the aligners. You must understand that any drink that can stain your teeth can also stain the aligners. Therefore, you should remove the aligners from your mouth while taking the drinks such as red wine and coffee, which can cause the discoloration of the invisalign aligners.

Many people have been experiencing dental complications such as crooked and overcrowding teeth. The victims usually have low self-esteem when speaking and smiling in public. If you are one of them, it is time to seek an effective remedy. At DentAlign NYC, Kenn Kakosian, DDS, Ph.D. offers invisalign treatments to patients having teeth misalignment restoring their quality of life. Book an appointment and visit the facility today to have an attractive smile.

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