Foodie Gift Ideas To Help You Surprise The Dear Ones

Thinking about gift ideas when it comes to surprising someone dear to us can lead us to confusion. And it happens because we don’t want to pick anything average but the best.

Not being able to decide what to present as a gift?

Fret not, as we are here with some foodie gift ideas!

You might not know whether the person would appreciate receiving a photo frame or would he/she love the t-shirt gifted by you. But, you can make sure that the recipient smiles wide because of your gifting gesture by picking any of the foodie gift ideas we have shared below.

Basket Of Snacks – Try surprising your dear one with a basket full of snacks, and you will make sure to make the person smile every other day. Take a basket and fill it using different types of Namkeens, fried snacks, baked snacks, slated cookies, soya chips, potato chips, and more. Now, to keep them all in place, cover them with transparent gift paper. Decorate the handle of the basket using ribbons, and the treatful present is ready.

Box Of Personalised Chocolates – Chocolates have the power to please people of all ages, and the gift idea that we are sharing here with you is just precise enough to let you stay on top of your gifting gesture. There are gifting portals that provide fully personalised chocolate boxes you can opt FlowerAura’s cake delivery in Bangalore. Firstly, the box is personalised with the picture of the recipient, and the small chocolate blocks inside are covered with wrappers customised with the name of the recipient.

Combo Of Traditional Sweets – Wishing our dear ones on their special occasions over mouth-watering sweets is in our culture. And so, making your beloved one happy with a combo of sweets is a sure shot idea. Go to your nearest sweet shop that guarantees pure sweets and get a combo of different traditional sweets arranged. You can also buy the pre-arranged combos from highly renowned sweet shops.

Hamper Of Biscuits – Biscuits are without a doubt the most popular and most loved food items for tea time. And there are some who love biscuits so much that they gallop the whole packet of biscuit at one go. So, if the person you want to surprise loves biscuits, then you can tickle his/her heart with a combo hamper of biscuits. Arrange the hamper yourself by picking biscuits of different brands and different flavours.

Combo Of Jar Cakes & Cupcakes – Well, we have another two bakery items that you can pick to surprise your dear one. Jar cakes and cupcakes are actually in small sizes for small sweet hunger pangs. Pick a set of four or six cupcakes and add two jar cakes to make a perfect cakey combo for your dear one. You can easily buy and send the combo of jar cakes and cupcakes to your special someone from an online cake shop that provides delivery services across the nation.

A Delicious Poster Cake – You can never fail to surprise your dear one on his/her special occasion with a delicious cake. Ever since the invention of cakes, they have been an inseparable part of the celebrations. So, whatever the occasion is, you can make the person smile wide with a gift of cake. But do not pick a simple cream cake; instead, go with a poster cake. The poster cakes are topped with computerised graphics printed on edible fondant sheets, and so you can choose a design that best describes the occasion. Look for an online bakery that provides customised cakes in Bangalore or wherever your dear one resides.

Green Tea Combo – One of the most important things that you can bless your relatives or friends with is health. In today’s time, when the pollution levels are increasing day by day, and different types of diseases are coming to the origin, everyone should focus more on health. You can help your loved one stay healthy with your gifting gesture by presenting a combo of green tea. Consuming a cup of green tea every day purifies the blood, reduces fat, improves metabolism, and keeps a person active. Pick green tea of different brands in different flavours and surprise the recipient with a gift of health.

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