Four Dental Issues Dental Veneers in Laurel, MD Can Effectively Correct

Dental veneers are not only for adults. Sometimes, even younger patients can develop dental problems. Although kids can go through a different treatment process, the use of veneers can help restore their dental health and improve how their teeth look. So, if your child has dental issues, you should consult a Laurel, MD dentist to know if veneers can benefit them. Veneers can be a great option for dental issues such as the following:

Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Kids can take part in activities that result in cracked or chipped teeth. If your child has this oral injury, they can avoid extraction and save their teeth by getting dental veneers. Your child’s dentist can use veneers as part of the necessary repair work to achieve this goal. 

For instance, the dentist can use a crown to replace a tooth’s chipped part. After placing the crown, they can add a veneer, strengthening the tooth and minimizing the possibility of the crown becoming loose. If a tooth is cracked, your child will just need a thorough dental cleaning and placement of a veneer to prevent the spread of the crack.

Misaligned Teeth

A lot of people choose braces as a solution for crooked or misaligned teeth; however, they may not be necessary in some cases. For a minor alignment problem, a dentist can correct a tooth’s shape and add veneers. This can produce an even set of teeth that look natural. Often, your child can complete the correction and veneer application after three office visits over a period of one or two weeks. Meanwhile, corrections using braces can take up to three years to complete. 

Teeth Gaps

Veneers are also a great option for children who have noticeable teeth gaps, which can affect speech. For more apparent gaps, your child can get veneers to close the gaps. Veneers work by fitting over the front of the teeth and filling in the open space. Flossing is still comfortable after placement; however, your child’s tooth will look uniform.

Appearance Concerns

Less-than-perfect teeth can result in a child being a subject of ridicule among their peers. Because of this, a child may choose to isolate themselves away from social situations. Unfortunately, this could lead to them not developing the necessary skills to take part in society, and this can close a lot of doors during adulthood. Your child doesn’t have to go through this experience. Veneers can effectively correct their dental problems and get rid of the stigma. This way, they can easily seek out friendships and engage in social activities. 

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