Hair will play an important role in everyone’s life so hair loss may turn into a devastating experience. Even it will decrease your self-confidence and also it will make you look less attractive which will result in depression and anxiety. But there will be always a solution for the hair problems, and if you are going bald then here is everything you need to know about men’s hair replacement system.

Is a surgical hair replacement system dangerous?

Hair loss has become a most common problem as more than 320 million people in the U.S. are suffering from bald. Going bald is not only common for elder people, but even people under the age of 30 are undergoing hair loss.

Most people will prefer the surgical treatment, but it will lead to certain complications and side effects which include hemorrhage, cyst, numbness, Edema, and other side effects. So, it would be better if you choose the men’s hair replacement system as it will try to solve the issue which is causing hair loss, but in surgical treatment, it only covers the issues.

The non-surgical treatment will be the best option for any kind of hair loss or bald, as it will help to identify the cause in the initial stage and helps to cure it. Also, it will prevent the hair from further damages.

Top 5 non-surgical hair replacement systems:

If you are finally going to get the men’s hair replacement system, then you will find various options but here are the best 5 non-surgical treatments.

1. FDA approved medication

Medication is also one of the best ways to treat your hair loss if you prefer the non-surgical treatment. The FDA has approved two medications for hair loss and if you consumed them on regular basis, it will provide effective results.

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Finasteride and Minoxidil are the two medications, in which Finasteride is an oral medication and it will block the hormone that causes baldness. This medication is very effective and it will help to regrow your hair. Minoxidil is a topical medication that is applied to the scalp area and will increase hair growth in men.

2. PRP injection therapy

PRP therapy is considered the most effective treatment in the list of non-surgical treatments. PRP is a concentration of the plasma and platelets which are derived from your blood and this treatment will provide proteins, growth factors, and cytokines that will promote hair growth and healing.

The treatment consists of a simple and easy procedure and the PRP solution is directly injected into the targeted area of the scalp. The treatment doesn’t provide any side effects and the time taken by the treatment is low. There is no post-treatment so you can start your daily routine once the treatment got over.

3. Low-level light therapy

Low-level light therapy or LLLT is a kind of treatment for hair loss and the treatment helps to stimulate cell growth. In this non-surgical treatment, a low-intensity light is used which will stimulate the growth of epidermal stem cells present in the hair follicle bulge.

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When compared to surgical treatment, this treatment is approved to be one of the safest and effective treatments. The best part is that this treatment is that it is suitable for both men and women. But in certain cases, if you have full baldness then it won’t be more effective as it does not have the power to revive the dead hair follicles.

4. Topical solutions

If you are looking for a painless and non-invasive treatment to prevent the bald then we have topical solutions on our list. This kind of topical solution will come in different forms such as shampoo, spray, or foam and you need to use it regularly if you want an effective result.

In the topical solution treatment, one of the most popular topical solutions is Rogaine. It has been proven that it will prevent hair loss in men and stimulate hair growth. It will increase the hair follicles which are shrunk due to hereditary hair loss and results in thicker hair.

5. Diet

Even though getting a non-surgical treatment is best to prevent hair loss, but still one should follow an effective diet to prevent your hair from getting bald. You need to know that diet will play a prominent role in hair’s health. Get to know that what a balanced diet can do, it will increase hair growth and decrease the hair fall out. Consume foods that are rich in protein, omega 3’s, omega 6’s, and fatty acids. Also, give more importance to vitamins like Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, folic acid, iron, magnesium, and biotin.

What to consider before taking the treatment?

When it comes to hair treatment, not everyone will have the same type of hair so you need to choose the treatment that suits your hair. It would be better to prefer a men’s hair replacement system than surgical treatment to avoid future regrets.

Before getting into the treatment, there are few things that you should know;

  • First, identify the cause of the hair loss, if you don’t identify the root cause then you won’t find the solution. Find out whether it is a one-time event or it is happening through chronic issues
  • Second, you need to choose what type of treatment will cover your issue and you will face difficulties while choosing the best treatment as it is not an easy task
  • The final thing is to choose a treatment that will provide long-term results, and remember the positive hair growth will take time

Bottom Line:

When it comes to non-surgical solutions, you will find a lot of options but choose the best treatment for your hair loss. The non-surgical men’s hair replacement system will come with a lot of advantages so if you looking for a way to avoid surgery then this article is for you. Hair is an important thing in everyone’s life, so you should prefer a unique treatment that suits the individual.

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