Health By Gini – Virtual Weightloss Counseling & Its Benefits

Losing weight is difficult. No doubt! But you know what’s tougher? Maintaining weight. Most people use crash diets to lose weight, and the mentally tough ones manage to do it brilliantly. But, according to a survey, 90% of people regain their lost weight very quickly. Why is that? Because weight loss is not a 2-3 months quick-fix. It’s a lifestyle, and under the supervision of a qualified health expert like Gini, you can switch to this lifestyle to not only improve the quality of your life but also add years to your life. 

Stuck at Home

Be it due to pandemic or a busy life, your health must not compromise. If you agree to this but are unable to make room for weight-loss counseling in your busy life, worry not! Gini Warner is here for the rescue. With a customized diet plan and personalized virtual counseling, you are just one step away from a healthy lifestyle! The virtual nature of counseling is a life savior in this busy life where you do not have the time to travel back and forth to your counselor. But, that’s not the only reason Gini offers this advanced counseling method. Here are some more reasons to opt for virtual counseling sessions over conventional sessions. 

What is Online Counseling? 

Before digging into the benefits of virtual counseling, let’s first get a clear idea of online counseling first. Online counseling falls under the advanced domain of health, telehealth, which allows access to healthcare from the furthest of areas. Using telemedicine, people living in remote and far areas are able to benefit from medical experts living in any part of the country–or world. 

Why go for Online Counseling?

Flexible Hours

We all are stuck in our busy schedules, and with increased connectivity around the globe, we all have different schedules. This is further compounded with different activities that we have planned in our day. In all of this chaos, your health must not suffer. With online counseling, you can cater to your health needs under the supervision of health expert Gini. Whether you’re free in the evening or early in the morning, Gini will help you schedule your sessions as per your availability. 

Accountability at all Times

The month of January is full of gym subscriptions, but soon people tend to forget about their new year resolution. This is because of lack of accountability. Through online counseling, you will have someone holding you accountable for your health goals, no matter how busy your day or your week gets. 

Guidance at Fingertips

We all have moments of weakness where we ruin our diet and drive into the spiral of regret and stress-eating. This won’t happen with an experienced counselor by your side. With an experienced counselor at your fingertips, you are able to consult your nutritionist on how to compensate for your intemperateness.

Support at all Times

Motivation is sinusoidal, and it’s completely normal to lack the motivation to continue your diet and healthy choices, especially at the start. You might be motivated at the start, but adopting a healthy lifestyle takes time, and without moral support, you might end up quitting your health journey. On the other hand, online counseling offers you a 24/7 support program. Whether you’re feeling down and demotivated or have eaten something unhealthy, your nutritionist can help you with moral support. This proves miraculous in helping you stick to your weight-loss journey through the ups and downs of motivational rides.  

Worldwide Access 

Working in a job where you have to travel a lot? Or not sure how long you’ll be living where you’re currently living? Doesn’t matter, as long as you’re going for virtual counseling. With conventional counseling, you need to show up at your nutritionist’s office for consultation and guidance. However, there’s no such restriction in the case of virtual counseling. You have access to your trainer no matter where you are. This way, you’re able to stay on track no matter what corner of the world you’re in. 

It’s time to take Control! 

So, if you’re still unsure, experience the comfort of virtual counseling and see the results yourself. Tap into the 20+ years of experience of Gini Warner. Let her transform your lifestyle with a personalized diet plan and health choices. She will help you adapt to a healthier lifestyle smoothly and efficiently. 

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