How can the elderly maintain a healthier mentality?  

1. Active exercise

Active exercise can make the body and mind of the elderly become very healthy and make them more  confident. Active exercise can delay brain decline, improve cardiopulmonary function, delay  osteoporosis, delay chronic diseases, and strengthen the immune system. The health of the body is a  prerequisite for a healthy mentality. Even if you have limited mobility, you can still use external forces  to maintain a certain movement style. For example, use a walker to help you walk on your own. It is  also a kind of exercise, which will make you more active and healthy. 

2. Adhere to good interpersonal and social relations. 

The composition of interpersonal relationship includes three psychological elements of cognition, emotion and behavior. Emotional connection is the main feature of interpersonal relationships. In  interpersonal relationships, there are positive and negative relationships, and the harmony of  interpersonal relationships has a great impact on people’s psychological well-being.

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3. Have certain learning ability. 

In modern society, in order to adapt to a new way of life, it is necessary to learn from time to time.  Learning can exercise the memory and thinking ability of the elderly, and is beneficial in preventing  brain function decline and Alzheimer’s. And learning will enrich one’s life and make one’s life more  fulfilling. Whether it is learning a new language, painting, or a musical instrument, you will benefit  from it. 

4. The purpose of life is in line with practice. 

It is necessary to formulate the purpose of life according to one’s economic talents, family conditions,  and corresponding social environment. The formulation of the purpose of life should not only conform  to the practice, but also leave room, not beyond the scope of my financial ability. 

5. Insist on contact with the external environment. 

This can enrich the lives of the elderly and will not make them feel bored spiritually. Persistent contact  with the external environment includes three aspects, namely contact with nature, society and people.  Elderly people who retire at home have too much leisure time and often feel depression or anxiety. The  elderly communities and activity stations for the elderly provide conditions for the elderly to contact  the external environment.

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6. Learn to Reduce Stress and Worries

Life is rich and colorful, but can also be full of ups, downs, and troubles. Being prepared and having a plan can help reduce your worries and have you looking forward to the future. Personal financial plans for retirement are a great way to be prepared and work out those more stressful things to think about, allowing you to enjoy your life as stress free as possible.

7. Travel 

Although it is still during the pandemic, it is possible to take appropriate short trips. Traveling can 

broaden people’s horizons and make things that are not so happy become happy, so the mentality is  naturally healthy. The beautiful scenery of nature will make you forget all the unpleasantness, and you  will think that your own troubles are not worth mentioning in front of nature. Traveling is also good  for health. But before you leave, please take a look at the COVID-19 situation in your travel  destination. This is very important.

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