How Centricity EMR Guides Medical Practices

Before diving into Centricity EMR, you need to know what this vendor aims for. And how it works as a long-term investment because shifting EMR solutions is not a piece of cake. You need to know certain things to excel in the EMR market and make an effective decision. You can’t do so without having the basic knowledge of EHR vendors. It may appear simple, but it’s not; being a pro in understanding healthcare solutions is indispensable.

So, let’s see what Centricity EMR is by having a general inside look at its effectiveness.

Centricity EMR

Centricity originated from a branch of healthcare IT software and its origin goes back to 2003. It is owned by GE Healthcare, a subsidiary of GE Electric. The company operates in four sectors, and one of them is healthcare. GE was ranked 33rd among the Fortune 500 companies list. The company is trying to re-shape its glory in the health sector with its innovative EHR and practice management solution named Centricity.

Centricity is an all-inclusive healthcare solution that manages all clinical processes using a single platform. You can manage your clinical workflow in and out with this incredibly convenient healthcare solution. It enables you to speedily carry out cumbersome administrative and financial tasks, saving quality time. Adding to it, the Centricity EMR features patient-centric tools for gaining patients’ trust by showing them that care services ‌ matters the most.

Now you have profound knowledge about the background and working of Centricity EMR. We think it’s time to dive into a detailed explanation of its features. This will help you understand what Centricity EMR features to handle the clinical operations of medical practices. And by getting access to this credible information, you will easily get to decide if investing in it is the right call for you. Will it be profitable in the long run or not?

Impactful Features of Centricity EMR

Know that we are talking about the features in general instead of talking about the services of Centricity EMR. We’ll look into that later in this article. However, as of now, we gathered worth-sharing information about its three basic features, implementation, consultation, and customizability. For this purpose, aside from the official website of Centricity EMR, we relied on its reviews. It helped us add value to the care services offered by this EMR system.

Endless Consultation

According to the reviews of Centricity EMR, the first thing users value the most is its customer support services. Support in the sense that the vendor is always here for you whenever you need guidance in some matter. You won’t be left alone in the race for running a successful medical practice. The software understands that uncertainty lies at each level, and you can’t get out of it alone; thus, it has specific care models designed for your assistance.

The firm has teamed up with a group of regulatory specialists, experienced engineers, and healthcare consultants for your convenience, Whether you need consultancy regarding workflow management, regulating clinical processes, identifying incompatible performance levels, or productivity assessment. A team of experts is set aside to provide productive insights to combat all technical, regulatory, and workflow-related issues.

Allows for Customization

The next feature we came across is its level of customizability. The way Centricity EMR allows for customizability is unprecedented. You can get a better idea about it through the Centricity EMR demo. You will be awestruck by just learning how deep its customizing service goes for your convenience. Not only does it allow for creating custom templates, but it allows to configure the entire clinical workflow.

This way, it ensures stability in the long run as you can easily get the hang of its tailored-to-fit medical services. You can integrate with dozens of personalized care facilities and pharmacies. Adding to it, there are specialized key performance indicators that you can customize to get dynamic reports. Allowing for configuring and fine-tuning the consistent functionalities, it wins the heart of its entire client base.

Guidance Through Implementation

The first and foremost important aspect of a clinical solution is its implementation feature. If an EHR system isn’t capable of guiding care providers thoroughly during implementation time, it is of no value to them. Because this way, the providers can’t execute their services appropriately, and there will be many loose ends to handle. But it’s not the case with Centricity EMR software. As a result, there are no chances of project mismanagement using this software.

It keeps up its promise of keen guidance by having its support team ready at your disposal. In case you face a roadblock, you can rely on its implementation team. From installation to checking in the first patient, it will guide you effectively. The vendor is equipped with the latest communication tools, so getting into contact with the support team won’t be a hassle. Software implementation, upgrade implementation, and data migration come under this category.

Understanding The Features Better:

If you are pondering whether these features are compelling, there’s a way to weigh their efficiency. It is to look into the vendor’s range of services to the span healthcare continuum. By knowing about the services, you will have a chance to explore the services by seeing if the features claimed by the vendor genuinely align with the products offered. To help you get instant access to reliable information, we even compiled a list of the services provided.

Pharmaceutical Imaging Agents

  • Contrast Media
  • Molecular Imaging Agents
  • Medical Affairs and Medical Information

MedTech Cybersecurity

  • Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • Product Cybersecurity
  • Skeye Cybersecurity
  • Product Security Portal

Financial Services

  • Merit-based Risk-sharing models
  • Technology Management and Financing

Virtual Care Solution

  • Mural Solution

Other Services

  • MyGEHealthcare Experience
  • Healthcare Technology Management
  • Digital Solutions
  • Clinical Network Solutions
  • Service Shop
  • Documentation Library
  • Site Planning

We are not saying to take our word as the final decision. Instead, we recommend you schedule a Centricity EMR demo or you can also check other best EHR for solo practice at Software Finder. We have just shared the names of the services the vendor excels at. But by viewing its official website, you will have the liberty to view the system’s details and set up a demo. All you need is to send a request to the Centricity EMR software.  With that said, here’s the list of its intuitive product offerings.

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