How Does IVF Treatment Work?

Infertility has been a problem over the years that impacts both men and women around the world. However, the experts discovered a treatment called in vitro fertilization or IVF to help couples conceive a child. It can be expensive and easily accessible abroad.

Describe IVF Treatment

IVF is a treatment that assists the reproductive system in overcoming fertility issues, like difficulty in conceiving a baby. It also prevents the risk of transmitting genetic disorders to the next generations. These things become possible with the help of science and technology which continues to advance over time.

How does it work?

Couples should undergo general tests to easily find out if IVF or other treatments are necessary. It works with a couple that cannot produce a child naturally. Part of the evaluation process includes physical exams, body scans, and blood tests. From then on, the couples will know their true condition, such as endometriosis and low sperm count.

Some cases may require other medical treatments, thus consulting your doctor matters.

The IVF cycle will aid women to improve their egg production. Doctors monitor the progress through several blood tests and ultrasounds. There will be tendencies of switching to other treatments for the best possible results.

Once there is egg retrieval, experts will collect sperm from the male partner. Such elements will be combined in the lab to be fertilized until an embryo is formed. Genetic screening is done after a few days to ensure the best embryo is ready to be transferred to the uterus. Last but not least, is the implantation process and there you must hope for the best.

A single embryo is normal for first-time treatment but with older women, up to three embryos could be enough. The reason behind this is they have a lesser chance to get pregnant so multiple opportunities are needed.

Wait for a couple of weeks to conduct pregnancy tests. This will confirm if the treatment goes well. Share the good news with the doctor for a successful IVF treatment.

Indeed, IVF is a long journey that takes several months to see the outcome. All the money spent will be worthwhile in the end.

Will IVF Treatment Work 100%?

IVF treatment won’t always be a success. There is no 100% guarantee that it will cure fertility problems which every couple believes will end their worries. Unfortunately, failure can still happen.

During the evaluation, it is easy to tell whether it is possible for the couple to conceive a baby or not at all. There will be a likelihood that the couple acquires some other illnesses as well which makes the situation worse. That being said, they may develop complications in the next steps that will require more money.

The estimated success rate of IVF treatment in the UK is less than 50% per cycle which may decline from session to session. However, there is up to 53% chance of women getting pregnant after completing the treatment right away. Knowing the barriers to pregnancy is vital to think of some other options, like surrogacy or sperm and egg donation.

Another common issue is miscarriage which could happen in the first trimester. Thus, no assurance of 100% success even with the alternatives.

Age also matters in getting pregnant. As men and women age, the production of eggs and sperm becomes weak as well.  This is also true even when IVF treatment exists.

Overall, choosing the right people who can help makes a difference. Research reliable IVF specialists that can show pieces of evidence of successful treatments.

What Makes IVF Treatment Successful?

Despite knowing that IVF treatment may fail, there is no wrong in trying. It is something that not anyone can afford so if you are capable of doing so, then you should go for it.

The truth is that many couples have done it successfully and are now a parent. It can be risky but you can hope for the best based on your evaluation results.

First, you must talk with a fertility specialist about the following:

  • A Proper Diet and Exercise

Gaining weight has an impact on the reproductive system.  It can reduce sperm count and egg retrieval. Hence, a proper diet is important to boost the likelihood of getting pregnant.  Try to improve fiber intake and reduce carbs in your diet.

Stress is another cause of infertility that can be avoided through exercising. This supports the treatment process to be quicker. Couples may also do meditation to release some stress-causing toxins.

  • Stopping Bad Habits

Smoking may hurt a couple trying to conceive. It would increase complications along with the treatment which will slow down the progress. There might be a success, however, a greater risk is expected.

It is the same with alcohol and caffeine intake which could lower the chance of getting pregnant. Drinking moderately is advisable, especially for women.

  • Blood Tests

Taking blood tests is crucial to determine the success of giving birth immediately. It must be done according to the expert’s proposal.

Final Words

IVF plays a vital role in First Fertility Thailand to help couples bear a child. The whole process may not guarantee 100% victory but is worth trying. It works a little bit complicated and so listening to the doctor’s prescription every step of the way matters.

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