How to Become a Professional Boxer

If you’ve seen professional boxers on the TV and felt inspired to reach their level, the good news is that those with talent often have a path to follow. Today, we’re going to explore your potential journey!

Becoming an Amateur Boxer

Unfortunately, becoming a professional boxer isn’t as simple as getting Tyson Fury’s phone number and asking for a fight. You face a long and challenging journey ahead of you, so the first step is to ask yourself if you really want to join this field? Do you have what it takes to become a professional boxer?

One way to get answers to these questions is to speak with professional coaches. Find a gym, have sessions with an experienced coach, and gauge their opinion over time. Before you think about becoming a professional boxer, you first need to join the amateur ranks.

To start, find a boxing gym with good facilities and opportunities to fight others. Rather than a martial arts gym, it’s best to stick with specialised boxing gyms. Boxing training in Perth is continually growing, so finding a good facility shouldn’t take too long. At the same time, you’ll also need to find a coach. While some people rely on the coaches that work in the gym, others look externally for a third-party coach.

Either way, choose a coach with experience and with a coaching style that matches your own style of boxing. Even professional athletes must change their coach occasionally, so not every coach will suit your practising style.

From here, research the regulations in your area and take the first steps towards an amateur license. If in doubt, speak with the coaches in your gym because they should know all about the process. Normally, you’ll need to undergo a physical exam, a mental exam, and you’ll need to pay a fee. Soon enough, you’ll receive a license, and this means that you can take part in competitions and fight others on an amateur level.

Once you have this license, make the most of it and get some fights under your belt. Thankfully, unlike in the professional world, you can have more than two fights per year, and you’ll quickly gain experience. Learn from fights, improve your craft, and fight people of different styles to become a better boxer.

Becoming a Professional Boxer

If you and your coach believe that you’re ready to go professional, you’ll need to keep working hard in training before then finding a manager. While some boxers don’t think that managers are important, it’s critical to realise that the world of professional boxing is just as much a marketing exercise as showing talent.

The right manager will have contacts in the industry, they will promote you tirelessly, and they will know the right path to take. Simultaneously, you also need to obtain a professional boxing license. As you may know, there are four major organisations in the world of professional boxing:

Once again, you’ll go through physical and mental checks. With a license, you’re now at the bottom of the boxing ladder. As you’ve probably guessed, your job is to climb as much as possible in the coming weeks and months. The more fights you win, the bigger your reputation becomes and the more exciting you are as a prospect.

With the right promotion and the right amount of hard work, you might just make it onto the big stage. One of the most appealing aspects of boxing is that there’s a clear path to stardom…but do you have the skill to make it?

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