How to Deal With Eczema?

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a condition that causes your skin to turn red and itchy. It causes flare and then settles down, but it is a lifelong condition. Eczema occurs due to the hyperactivity of your immune system. Moreover, it may be accompanied by other hypersensitive conditions like asthma or hayfever. There is no such treatment for eczema. But self-care measures and treatment can help cure the condition. If you have a complaint of red and itchy skin, you can visit a skin specialist in Islamabad.

Manage the Itch-Scratch Cycle

When you have eczema, your skin becomes itchy, therefore you scratch it. When you do that, it becomes itchier, hence you scratch it again, leading it to become a vicious cycle.

When you scratch at first, your skin breaks, creating a way for microbes and allergens to enter, hence triggering the immune response. Hyperactivity of the immune system causes more release of inflammatory mediators and chemicals that in turn exacerbate eczema, also increasing the risk for infection. Therefore you need to manage the itch-scratch cycle well so that it does not turn into another complication. Be gentle and wise to your skin. When you feel the need to scratch, instead of that, you can practice the following tips;


Eczema aggravates when you keep your skin dry and unmoisturized. Therefore if you keep your skin well moisturized, you can control the symptoms of eczema. Not only it soothes your skin, but it will also reduce the itch. With proper moisturizing techniques, you can also manage the itch-scratch cycle.

After you come out of the shower or bath, dry yourself and apply moisturizer all over your body within three minutes to lock the moisture. You can also keep the topical medications and moisturizer in a refrigerator so that they are cool and give you a soothing feeling upon application.

Keep Short Nails

Make sure you keep your nails short. When you scratch with long and sharp nails, it will harm your skin. Especially make sure to keep your child’s nails clipped and short as they will scratch the itch vigorously. You can also make your child wear mittens so that they do not scratch their eczema with nails.

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Right clothing

If you have eczema, you should wear loose-fitting and light clothing that lets air pass and does not any pressure on your skin. Moreover, the fabric you choose to wear also has an impact on your eczema. Choose a non-harsh fabric like silk or cotton that is not harsh to your skin. Avoid wearing nylon and other fabrics that are harsh to your skin.

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Distract Yourself

Try keeping yourself busy and distracted in activities that keep your hands engaged. In this way, you may forget to scratch your skin.


Cooling your skin relieves the itch. You can apply ice packs on the itch to get rid of it. You can also take a cool shower to relieve it. But make sure the water is not too cold if you shower with it.


Your healthcare provider may prescribe you some medications for daily use and some when eczema exacerbates. You must follow the prescription as they have prescribed. To relieve an itch, they may prescribe;

Topical corticosteroids

Topical calcineurin inhibitors


Antihistamines- to control the symptoms of eczema, your healthcare provider may prescribe antihistamines. They may be sedating or non-sedating, prescribed, based on eczema severity. Before giving an antihistamine to the child, consult with your healthcare provider first.


Eczema can be a painful and bothersome condition at times. However, with the right management, you can prevent its exacerbation. Make sure you follow the regimen. If you have a complaint of eczema, you can visit the best skin specialist in Lahore.

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