How to start your Fitness Journey?

Obesity is becoming a serious problem in America. The country is among the highest when it comes to obesity prevalence. The prevalence is as high as 42 % around the country. This is off the back of a massive 12 % jump back in 2017 and 2018 with severe obesity also rising an alarming 5 % from 4 to 9. America has the largest obese and overweight population, and it is spread across different age groups and genders. Although there is some correlation between obesity and race, the difference it makes is very small. According to a recent study, the American nation is spending billions of dollars on fighting the negative effects of obesity which are numerous indeed. The estimated total is upwards of 147 billion dollars. This report came out in 2008 and the number has steeply risen since then. It has been speculated that on average most obese and overweight Americans spend 1500 dollars more than the normal American on their medical bills. This combined with the already costly healthcare system in America (one of the most expensive in the world) means that the overweight and obese Americans are left saddled with medical debt. The health conditions that they suffer from are heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and some types of cancer. These all are preventable causes of death that unfortunately snuff out hundreds of thousands of lives annually. Some people are affected by these diseases or are at risk and they want to improve the condition so that they can live a fulfilling life. Getting the proper start on such an endeavor can be critical for its success so contact personal trainer austin to get the help and support to get a healthy body

One of the first things to do is to get the proper motivation. The journey to healthy living is a slow and steady one with no shortcuts. So, at times when you are burnt out by your plan to get healthy and your old life is looking more lucrative, having something that motivates you is the key to not succumbing to that pressure and giving up. This motivation can be anything. The danger posed to your health by diseases caused by obesity, your physical appearance, and its social impact, some people use the support of their friends and family as a beacon to continue working hard. Even though it is great to have the tenacity to continue even when you are at your lowest, sometimes taking it slow is the best approach. There is a fine line, a delicate balance, that is best achieved while under the trained supervision of an instructor. You should not balk at the idea of spending a little to better yourself. Having an experienced instructor guide you in your daily routine will ensure that you will not burn yourself out in the first few days of starting exercise. Most people are highly motivated and overestimate the extent of workouts they can do and so they lose their gusto in a few days.

The second most important thing is to have a proper diet. Having a healthy, well-balanced diet is at the core of personal fitness and physical health. It is famously said that “you cannot outrun an unhealthy diet”. This saying means that no matter how hard you work you cannot compensate for the damage done by an unhealthy diet. This is a saying that is backed by science as well. It is widely known that most fast foods have a lot of calories but the amount of sugar and salt present in different fast foods is often overlooked. Some burgers and such have 150 % of the daily sodium allowance and these are reasons heart problems are becoming common in the country.

Knowing the importance of fitness and working at a steady pace is the best way of achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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