How to Tell If Your Contact Lenses Are Placed Inside Out?

Most times, we have confusion about whether the contact lenses are correctly placed and not inside out. You will always get contact lenses correctly positioned out of the blister pack. However, rarely you might turn your lenses inside out while struggling to insert them into your eyes.

The struggle is real, and you might get a panic attack if you place the lenses inside out, especially if you are pretty new to using contact lenses. However, first of all, you don’t have to worry, and you have to understand that nothing will happen if you place contact lenses inside out in your eyes. It won’t hurt your eyes nor cause any other problems. In this situation, all you have to do is take the lens out of your eyes, rinse it thoroughly, and insert it again correctly. You can look for professional guidance from experts at Hunter Vision, especially if you are a first-time user.

Are you someone who always flips your lenses? If yes, here are certain things that will help you quickly find whether your lenses are placed inside out or not.

How to Check If Your Contact Lenses Are Placed Inside Out?

Soft contact lenses are usually fragile, flexible, and small, making it hard for you to tell whether they are correctly inserted or placed inside out. So here we are listing out some tricks to determine whether your contact lenses are sitting correctly inside your eyes.

Side View or Shape of the Lens

One of the main factors that will help you determine whether your lenses are correctly placed is their shape. You are advised to place the lens on your finger and take it straight into your eyes to see the shape more accurately.

Lenses usually are curved and in the shape of a bowl. You will see them in the shape of a saucepan if they are placed in the wrong way.

So, checking on the shape of lenses will help you find whether the contact lenses are sitting in the right way.

Are the Numbers Reversed?

Some contact lenses come with laser markings of numbers or letters on their lenses. So, you can check on these numbers to identify whether contact lenses are placed inside out or not. If you see the numbers or letters on your contact lenses reversed, then most probably, your contact lenses are put inside out.

Checking upon the laser markings is easier on the colored contact lenses. To see these markings, all you need to do is put the lenses on your fingers, take them straight in front of your eyes, and view them under bright light.

Do You Feel Any Discomfort In Your Eyes?

If you have put contact lenses inside out in your eyes, you will probably feel some discomfort in your eyes. It may slightly scrape your eyes or might even pop out. So, when you feel some kind of discomfort in your eyes after putting in the lenses, then the chances are that your contact lens is put inside out.

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