How to Treat Depression in Elderly People | 8 Tips to Treat Depression in Elderly

Are you an older person and suffering from depression? Then you must do something quickly. Since you are an elderly person, there is a good chance that you will develop other diseases as well. So, you must do the followings, or you can take advice from MAOI or a well-known doctor.

How to Deal with Depression in the Elderly?

These tips will help you a lot to treat depression in older people:

Chronic Illness

In older people, depression is a severe issue that must be handled with care. Now, chronic illnesses also can make the situation worst. However, chronic illnesses like heart disease, stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases are terrible for older people suffering from depression. So, you must stay free from those illnesses.

Ask for Help

If you are an older person and suffering from depression, then you can always ask for help from others. That is because depression is quite dangerous for older people. You can ask clones and dear ones to you so that they can help you with your feelings and condition.

Professional Help

When nothing is working, and your situation is worst, you can consult with a doctor or a psychologist. It would be better. That is because professionals know depression better than anyone, and they are the only people who will be able to guide you so that you can overcome your depression easily.

Take Medicines

Medicines like antidepressants are the best things that can treat depression. So, if nothing is working, then you can take medicines that can cure your depression. However, you must have to take your medicines according to your doctor. Otherwise, the situation can get much worse, and you can even develop some other mental illness that will harm you.

Talk Therapy

Psychologists use this technique to treat depression. It is used before giving medications. However, researches show that talk therapy is much efficient to treat depression, and most cases of depression are cured with this technique. In this therapy, the victim has to talk with the psychologist about his feelings and the reasons why they are depressed, and according to their words, the psychologist treats the victim.

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Social Support

Besides treatment, social support is a significant factor to consider when treating depression. That is because when we are depressed, we will need all the help we can get to make our-self happy and stress-free. Well, social support can do that, and it shows that people are with us. So, if your elderly people are depressed, you must socially support that person and communicate with him or her.


It is an effective technique for treating depression. It has also shown many good results to many older people who were depressed and able to cure them. Some people also called this technique as shock therapy that quite works well. But, psychotherapists use this therapy as their last resort. That is because it has a great side-effect, and that is loss of memory.

Live in a Healthy Environment

If you are an elderly person and having depression, then you must choose to live in a healthy environment. That is because an unhealthy environment and lifestyle could be the reason for your depression. So, you have to make a good environment that will always cheer you up and makes you joyful and won’t give you any stress at all.


I hope the above ideas will help you to treat the depression of your elderly love ones. But, it would be better to take them to a psychotherapist.

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