Impact of Improper Disposal of Waste on Public Health

Waste disposal is an essential aspect of cleanliness and health. Accumulated waste negatively impacts people’s well-being and makes them sick. Improper waste disposal results in disgusting views, causing water, soil, and air pollution that give birth to many diseases. In some cities, the public uses large bins to dispose of their household waste. However, some people prefer calling junk removals daily or alternate days to collect rubbish from their homes. In some places, authorities encourage people to dispose of organic, inorganic, and plastic waste separately in their homes. Waste management collects them and disposes of them accordingly. However, many people choose to dispose of their waste by themselves, and the problem arises when they do so inappropriately.

Some people have a rather selfish approach. They keep their households clean and throw rubbish outside in an improper manner. Many suburbs do not have a proper waste removal system. People throw their garbage outside their spaces, resulting in piles of debris here and there.  Heaps of rubbish give awful views, foul smells and become a hub of germs and bacteria. Improper waste damages the planet at large. People understand that the accumulation of garbage harms their health, but they do not realize the gravity of its effect.

The following are some points that will give an insight into the impact of improper disposal of waste on public health:

1. Air Pollution

The air we breathe must be clean and pure as we inhale it, significantly affecting our internal health. Toxic materials, be they in the trash or form of harmful gases, contaminate the air and make it unhealthy. People are inhaling impure, polluted air that takes in toxins, harming their health. Many people throw chemicals, such as acids, bleach, and other household cleaning stuff carelessly that release into the air and pollute it. These chemicals have a harsh reaction to the internal body through breathing. They also harm people’s skin and can cause rashes. Due to no waste management system, people often dispose of trash and think of burning it down. Plastic, papers, and other materials emit harmful gases when they are brunt, harming the ozone layer.

Similarly, dioxin releasing trash also poses a health risk. Authorities must take degree holders on board to establish a proper waste management system. They know the impact of improper waste management systems on public health. Many people now take advantage of distance learning and prefer enrolling in e-courses. Authorities can hire people possessing mph degrees online to set up a proper waste disposal system and take measures to keep the air pure.

2. Water Impurity

Dangerous material in the environment seeps into the ground, consequently reaching groundwater. People use this water in many activities, such as watering fields, drinking, cooking, and other household stuff. Moreover, some factories release their waste into the ocean water and pollute it. Toxic materials contaminate water and ultimately make people sick. visit tamilmv

Furthermore, untreated sewage water can be dangerous for marine life. Contaminated water can suffocate and destroy habitats for aquatic species, including coals. If humans consume fish that comes in contact with contaminated water, it can deteriorate their health.

3. Spread of Diseases

People are often ignorant and only take things as per their face value. They admit that improper garbage disposal makes streets, corners, and neighborhoods dirty, but they do not think beyond it. They fail to realize that garbage multiplies germs and bacteria, and mosquitoes, rats, and other pests breed in the dirt. Mosquitoes multiply in the garbage and carry diseases such as malaria and dengue, which can be detrimental. In addition, moisture production from waste results in mold. Disposing of garbage here and there greatly affects the public’s health. Exposure to improper waste can cause blood infections, skin irritation, reproduction issues, and growth problems.

4. Soil Contamination

It would be great if people do not discard glass and plastic out in the open and put them up for recycling. It will have a substantial impact on the economy. Unfortunately, many people throw them off, and improper waste disposal results in soil contamination as glass and plastic get buried in the soil. Plants take nutrients from the soil, produce fruits or vegetables, and people or animals consume contaminated unhealthy fruits or vegetables. Moreover, many people burn down the garbage that pollutes air and soil. People need to have a proper disposal system of heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and petroleum hydrocarbons.

5. Extreme Weather Conditions

Decomposing of waste creates harmful greenhouse gases that rise and trap heat. They affect the ozone layer and cause extreme weather conditions, such as typhoons, cyclones, and storms.  Many countries are experiencing harsher weather by the year as greenhouse gases result in the smoldering heat. Moreover, they cause acid rain, global warming, and severe hailstorms.

6. Effect on Animals and Marine Life

People fail to understand that they are not the only inhabitants of the planet. Their negligence in garbage disposal significantly impacts animals and marine life. Animals coming in contact with the trash are at great risk of falling sick or, in severe cases, dying. Animals that consume grasses grown in contaminated water or soil consume toxins through polluted water or contaminated soil. When humans consume their meat, they may fall sick. Similarly, clusters and algae pollute water and suffocate many species of marine animals. Improper disposal of wasteland Styrofoam, cigarette butts, plastic bottles, and other toxic materials in water and kill many marine lives every year.


Many people choose to save some money and do not acquire junk removal services, thinking they can dispose of waste independently. Most people do not follow proper techniques and end up harming the environment. Sometimes they throw toxic material that can have a harsh reaction. Lack of awareness of health-related problems occurring due to waste and not having a proper waste removal system result in disgusting heaps of garbage. Improper waste removal leads to many health issues and affects animals, plants, and the environment at large.

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