Important Things To Do Before the Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Your hair is crucial in spicing up your beauty or masculinity. Therefore, you should do whatever it takes to keep your hair glowing. Regular washing and choosing the right hair products are some measures to keep your hair healthy. However, despite your effort to maintain your hair, it can grow into unwanted skin areas due to hormonal changes. What do you do to alleviate such stubborn hair? You may think of shaving or waxing. However, these traditional hair removal techniques do not offer a permanent solution to alleviate stubborn hair. You should therefore seek laser hair removal from Northshore Dermatology to permanently remove unwanted hair from your skin. Let us go through the following things you should do before the treatment.

Avoid the Extreme Sun Exposure

You should not expose your skin to harmful UV rays two to three weeks before laser hair removal. Excessive sun exposure can trigger sun spots that can cause blistering during the procedure. If you must go outdoors during sunny days, you should apply sunscreens to protect your skin.

Review Your Medications

Some medications you take could interfere with the effectiveness of laser hair removal. For example, antibiotics can increase skin sensitivity, causing discomfort while administering the laser beam on the target skin area. Therefore, before the laser treatment, you should reveal all your medication to the specialist. The laser technician will adjust the laser procedure to fit you without compromising your health.

Remove the Creams Before the Treatment

Certain ingredients in skin care products can hinder the success of laser treatments. For example, the make-ups and ointments can obstruct the laser beam on the skin, making it difficult to target the hair follicle. For the best results, if you wear these beauty products on the appointment day, you should cleanse your skin with clean water and soap.

Avoid Plucking

Sometimes it can be tempting to pluck the stubborn to get off it. However, this is not a good idea as you anticipate your laser hair removal appointment. Plucking the hair usually removes the root of the hair, making it problematic for the laser device to focus on the hair follicle.

It is, therefore, necessary to skip hair plucking for at least five to six weeks before the laser appointment.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

You should ensure that your skin is plump when undergoing laser hair removal. One way is by avoiding the intake of alcoholic drinks, which would dehydrate your skin. Seeking this treatment while having dry skin increases the chances of discomfort during the procedure. Drinking plenty of water before the procedure is essential to keep your skin hydrated and regulate your body temperature.

Although hair is vital in spicing up your beauty or masculinity, unwanted hair on some skin parts can undermine your skin texture. The great news is that laser hair removal can help you permanently eliminate stubborn hair from your skin. For the best experience during and after laser hair removal, it is good to make the necessary preparation. For instance, you should avoid excessive sunlight, which could affect the procedure’s effectiveness. Discussing your medication with the laser specialist is also necessary for optimal results indian news.

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