Is hiring a pest control service safe if I have a newborn baby in the house?

Hiring pest control in Schertz, TX, is the solution to cleaning the house while a newborn baby is born. However, it is recommended to think twice before concluding. There are different pesticides in the form of weed killer, rat poison, and other insecticides. These are all dangerous to babies. Direct contact between them can cause severe diseases in babies in the form of skin diseases, inhaling problems, and many more. It is also recommended that the babies be kept substantially away for several days.

Is Pest Control Safe for Newborns?

The obvious answer is no. The infants are young and extremely weak to undertake these strong odors, which may cause a huge problem in their breathing as they have low immunity. From a young age, they may contribute to cancer, breathing problems, and asthma. It is highly recommended to vacate the entire premises so that there is less risk of diseases and preventive measures are taken against them so that the newborn is devoid of all these hurdles. 

Difficulties Associated:

  • Most products have dangerous chemicals unheard of, and they are extremely dangerous for newborns to get in contact with them. They may suffer from deadly diseases as their immunity is extremely low.
  • If the products are not kept away from the infants, they may consume them and may form deadly diseases in them.
  • If pest control services are used, and the infant is lying in the middle of their work and consuming the chemicals associated with the product, it is extremely dangerous for their overall health. 
  • The child may face behavioral disorders and other issues if the side effects are not given proper importance.

Steps to minimize risks with newborns:

  • The common pesticides must be kept away from the child’s reach.
  • The product manual and other descriptions must be read properly, so the owner knows the product and its usage.
  • The places where the pesticides are kept must be properly locked up.
  • The child must be kept from the premises where the pesticides are used.
  • It should not be on the newborn child’s radar where they can take the product as refreshment and consume it.
  • The product’s required details must be properly known to the owner, such as the time taken to clean the room, its effectiveness, and other necessary precautions.

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