Is Your Psychiatrist Appropriate For You? – Here Are 5 Desirable Factors To Watch Out For

Finding the right psychiatrist to help you manage your mental health might be difficult. Your insurance company might supply you with a huge list of possible providers, but how do you know which ones are trustworthy? Availability and location are not always the best indicators of which doctor is right for you. In an effort to reduce the time spent looking for a psychiatrist, Dr. Jodi Marshall Bedford is here to help. In this post, psychiatric expert Dr. Bedford outlines some of the key factors that make up a good psychiatrist. Continue reading to discover what you should look out for.


1. They Should Make You Feel At Ease

Before selecting a psychiatrist, you must first feel at ease with them. Whether it is through direct and meaningful eye contact or how attentively they listen to your concerns, there are various ways a psychiatrist can try to make your session a relaxing experience. As a patient, you should feel seen, listened to, and valued. If you do not feel at ease with your psychiatrist for whatever reason, it is a red flag and a clue that it is time to look for an alternative.


2. They Should Not Rush You

Whether your sessions are cut short, or the speed of talk is rushed, you might not feel comfortable or heard through your visit. This environment is inefficient and can result in anxiety sensations, forgetting to inquire about crucial issues, or feeling like a ‘burden.’

Though you might feel your appointment is rushed once in a while, for instance, when you run late, or your specialist needs to see another patient, if it happens nearly every time, it can negatively impact your therapy.


3. They Should Address You As The Specialist Of Your Life

When it comes to obtaining personalized mental health care, the patient’s viewpoint is crucial. It is critical to have a psychiatrist that listens, acknowledges, and affirms your experiences. Besides, nobody understands your mental health better than you.

Your suggestions should be appreciated and encouraged. Your inquiries should be welcomed and regarded as an expression of interest in your therapy. Moreover, your psychiatrist is not there to take control of your life; rather, they guide you through difficult terrain.


4. They Should Respect and Recognize Your Identity

Regardless of your identity, your psychiatrist should recognize and address you, individually. This factor is particularly true for gender-fluid and transgender people, who frequently encounter mental health practitioners who refuse to acknowledge their identity. This concern could take the form of missing pronouns or neglecting the effects of hormone treatments.

Respecting someone’s identity entails more than simply acknowledging their existence; it is the first step toward developing a productive and beneficial connection that will lead to future progress.


5. They Should Be Willing To Consider Alternative Diagnoses

Diagnosis is critical and has a significant impact on treatment outcomes. It can influence the type of medication provided, the therapy considered and the label you will have to wear for the rest of your life. It is scary enough, but it is even scarier when a psychiatrist does not understand the weight of your diagnosis.

If you receive a rapid diagnosis with little-to-no explanation, it is not a great sign. Do not fret about inquiring about alternate diagnoses or asking questions. It is fine to request a reevaluation, particularly if anything does not feel or seem right. Keep in mind that you are the expert on your own life.

Mental health plays a critical role in your life; hence, finding the correct psychiatric specialist to assist with symptoms, diagnosis, medication, or therapy is critical to betterment. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, major depressive disorder, or another mental health concern, board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Bedford can help. Call the office of the Innovative Psychiatry Center or book an appointment online to talk about your concerns and discover a suitable solution.

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