Maintain a Good Heart and Shield it from Diseases

Food is the ultimate way to maintain a good heart. There are certain foods that can prove fatal for your heart disease risk and there are others that are quite medicinal for your heart. A good heart can define your lifestyle and impact your overall health. It is important to maintain a healthy diet and go for regular check-ups at the heart and vascular center.

There are ways to prevent heart diseases and maintain a good heart.

  • Eat Healthy and Not Trans Fats

Fats are a must-have in our diet. This included saturated and polyunsaturated fats. Trans fat is not needed as it increases the risk of developing heart disease. Avoid trans fat which is basically industry produced fats used in snacks and baked foods. It raises bad cholesterol levels and lowers the good one. Cut them from your diet to improve blood flow throughout your body.

  • Have a Good Dental Hygiene

Dental health indicates overall health. Bacteria in the mouth can travel to your heart through the bloodstream and cause an elevation in C-reactive protein. This inflames the blood vessels. This may increase the risk of your heart disease. Maintain good dental hygiene and brush twice daily and use a mouthwash later to maintain a good heart..

  • Get Well-Rested Sleep

Sleep is very important but often overlooked when it comes to analyzing the overall health of an individual. Not getting enough sleep may lead to cardiovascular diseases. Here age or health is not a factor. Make your sleep an utmost priority. A study on sampling has found that around 3,000 adults over the age of 45 who slept fewer than six hours every night were twice more likely to get a heart attack than people who have had a sleep for six to eight hours every night.

  • Do not Remain Seated for Too Long at a Time

Research in recent years has found that staying seated for elongated periods of time may lead to health issues. It is bad for your health and no amount of exercise can substitute it. Unfortunately, this is the case for many today who have to sit down at work for hours. Observational studies on nearly 800,000 people have shown that the ones who sat the most reported a 147 percent increase in cardiovascular events and a 90 percent increase in death that was a result of these events. Sitting for a longer period of time can also increase the risk of a deep vein thrombosis or what is commonly known as a blood clot.

  • Save Yourself from the Dangerous Second Hand Smoke

It has been seen that people who are exposed to smoke have a 25 to 30 percent higher risk of developing heart disease. It goes without saying that you have to avoid smoking. Additionally, try to stay away from smokers as well. The American Heart Association states that there are about 34,000 premature deaths due to heart diseases and 7,300 deaths each year due to lung cancer, all caused by tobacco smoke. Non-smokers who happen to have a high blood pressure are more prone to the risk of serious health issues if they are exposed to secondhand smoke. The chemicals that get emitted from cigarettes tend to build up in the arteries.

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