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Maintenance and, where possible, improvement of the current high level of food safety

In the current situation, it is clear that the health loss attributable to unsafe food is many times smaller than that due to an unhealthy diet. This is largely due to the fact that an effective system of food safety measures and control has been developed in recent decades. Clearly, this system must be maintained.

However, it is appropriate to ask what maintenance level will be required in the future, in the light of existing and newly emerging threats. Priority Better risk assessment methods and improved risk communication with the consumer Food safety incidents, both large scale and small scale, will continue to occur. Human error, malfeasance and new ‘surprises’ can never be ruled out.

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The ‘zero-risk’ situation is therefore unattainable. In order to limit the impact of incidents, a more effective assessment of the actual health risks is required, together with a better risk communication with the consumer.

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High level of food safety

As both uncertainty regarding the extent to which risks are known and social complexity (the number of stakeholders and conflicting interests) increase, so must a more open social debate be conducted? Investing in a healthy diet is just as important as investing in other healthy lifestyle factors In order to place the health loss attributable to an unhealthy diet and unsafe food in perspective, table 3 presents a comparison of the health loss (in DALYs) due to these factors and that due to other lifestyle factors.

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Final words

The health loss for various other environmental factors is shown in order to put in perspective the part played by food safety. Lastly, a comparison is made with the health loss due to a number of significant diseases, irrespective of their causes. The calculations are particularly complex and the underlying data involve some uncertainties. As a result, the comparison is broad, and the health loss is presented in categories.

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