Mommy Makeover Surgery Costs and the Options Available to You

A Mommy Makeover gives new mothers a second chance at regaining their pre-baby body shape without having to take strenuous exercises and a strict diet. After healing from the surgery, however, a healthy lifestyle will ensure you stay in shape for a long time.

A Mommy Makeover, usually performed at least six months after delivery, includes breast surgery procedures and a tummy tuck.

Is Mommy Makeover Procedure Right for You

A Mommy Makeover changes how you look after childbirth and helps to contour your natural body to pre-baby condition. If you are having doubts about whether to undergo surgery or not, re-evaluating your post-surgery goals will probably help you make up your mind.

Unfortunately, cost is always a factor when determining whether or not you may want to undergo a cosmetic procedure, and there is no denying that a full Mommy Makeover has one of the steepest price tags. This is because the Mommy Makeover combines many different surgical techniques. 

While the initial cost estimate may seem high, remember that you are getting some savings if you choose to undergo multiple plastic surgery techniques simultaneously. When you do, you cut down on several costs, including anesthesia, facility fees, and other associated fees. 

So, when you think about it, it is much cheaper to combine these procedures than undergo them at separate times.

Here are the Mommy Makeover surgery costs according to each procedure.

Breast Augmentation

After the birth of your child, the breasts tend to lose their volume, looking less attractive. When this happens, a breast augmentation might be the right option for you. The surgical procedure entails inserting fluid-filled sacs with either silicone gel or a saline solution to make the breasts appear fuller.

This surgical procedure averages $3,719, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and it takes about one to two hours. And the cost depends on the type of implant you choose. Silicone gel implants are more expensive and have a natural look and feel, while saline implants feel firmer and are much cheaper.

Breast Lift

This surgical procedure is the next best breast augmentation alternative, creating a youthful look and shape. The surgeon removes the excess skin during the procedure and lifts the breast tissue. And moves or, if necessary, reduce the nipples and areolas.

A breast lift procedure averages $4,636. After surgery, you will experience side effects such as temporary discomfort, bruising and scars, and swelling, but these all fade with time. And you can resume your work schedule after one to two weeks.

Breast Augmentation With Lift

Most moms make perfect candidates for a breast augmentation with a lift to restore the breasts’ shape and volume.

And the surgical procedure averages $6,225 and takes one to three hours. Breast augmentation with a lift is ideal for any woman who seeks to enhance her breast size while reducing any breast sag after pregnancy.

Breast Reduction

New mothers who desire smaller breasts and improved breast shape are perfect candidates for a breast reduction procedure. The surgery also helps women experiencing back, neck, or shoulder soreness caused by bra strap indentations.

This cosmetic procedure costs $5,631, and the surgery takes two to four hours to complete. And a full recovery takes two to six weeks.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgical procedure eliminates excess skin, repositions your navel, and tightens the abdominal wall and muscles. This cosmetic procedure results in a dramatically flat stomach and a narrower waist.

A tummy tuck procedure costs an average of $5,798, and the surgery takes about two to five hours to complete. Although a scar is inevitable and the recovery is slow (one to two months), the pleasant outcome is worth the pain and effort.


Also known as body contouring, liposuction effectively removes stubborn fat that doesn’t respond efficiently to exercise or diet. And the procedure produces excellent and instantaneous results. However, it’s not an alternative to weight reduction, so your surgeon will likely advise that you lose weight before you undergo the procedure.

Liposuction averages about $3,200, depending on the extent of the procedure. And it takes between 45 minutes to two hours to complete.

How Can You Save With a Mommy Makeover?

If you add up all the above costs, you may be looking at a steep price, but many surgeons offer discounts when surgeries are combined.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, you will be paying less for anesthesia fees, facility fees, and some surgeon’s fees. Also, you will be recovering from all of these simultaneously, meaning that you will need to take less time away from work and your daily activities. This can also lead to cost savings.

Mommy Makeover Q&As

Q: What are the common symptoms of a Mommy Makeover?

A: After surgery, you may experience swelling, numbness, or bruising.

Q: Does a Mommy Makeover leave behind a visible scar?

A: Yes. But although the scar is visible, it gradually fades with time.

Q: Why is it necessary to wear a compression garment during recovery?

A: A compression garment encourages skin contraction and decreases any swelling.

Q: How long do you have to wear a compression garment during recovery?

A: It’s advisable to wear it for up to six weeks to achieve the desired results.

Q: Why is it important to take a month off work during recovery?

A: It’s crucial to break from work if it’s physically demanding to give you enough time to heal.

Q: Why is it important to lose weight before a Mommy Makeover?

A: Weight loss is essential before surgery. If you undergo the procedure before you lose enough weight, it distorts the results as the body readjusts.

Q: What is the best diet for taking after your Mommy Makeover?

A: You are encouraged to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruits, and water to help you recover fast.

Q: Is body contouring a solution to weight loss?

A: Body contouring is not an alternative to weight loss. But if you follow it with a good diet and exercise, you should be able to retain your body shape.

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