My child needs pediatric dental crowns. What are my options?


It is a universal feeling to be betrayed by dental caries even though the parents were vigilant about their child’s oral health. This usually happens when the child complains of toothache instead of scurrying to the kindergarten and nursery. Then comes the role of a dentist to recommend a dental filling or a crown, which can vary in aesthetics of colour, material used, shape and size. The most popular crown options when the infection is too big to be held together by a dental filling, would be-

  • Stainless steel crown (SSC)- the stainless steel crown for pediatric dentistry is highly recommended for the anterior tooth. If prefabricated stainless steel crowns are readily available with pediatric dentists, the perfect fit can be sorted. Pediatric stainless steel crowns with white facing for front tooth restorations can be found to be less attention seeking than the usual SSC. These are budget friendly crowns.
  • Composite strip or resin crowns- These closely resemble the primary tooth and requires careful preparation to suit the concerned tooth site after removal of major decays. Yet, compared to the SSC they can develop cracks or get discoloured if not kept clean. Brushing in the right manner and time are the basics.
  • Ceramic and porcelain crowns- Their appearance beats all the other crowns for being the closest to natural tooth colour. They are quite expensive compared to the SSC and resin crowns. Moatly suitable for adult tooth restorations as primary tooth falls off eventually. 
  • Zirconia crowns- are the kings of strength, appearing translucent, highly prized tooth protection. These can be considered for primary tooth restorations but in reality, are better for adult tooth protection only. 

It is evident that the stainless steel crown tooth seatings are perfect for children. The reason being cost effective and functionally efficient. Rarely they buge under high pressure and childhood chompings. The stainless steel crowns for adults and kids are equally popular when it comes to the molar and premolar restorations. 

For the front tooth the veneered stainless steel tooth crowns are recommended for aesthetic reasons of unglitched smiles. It combines the durability and unreactive traits of stainless-steel with the outer cover of tooth-like white cover. Yet, the dark metallic sheen of the SSC alone can be appalling for some, as it drags unnecessary attention. This can be uncomfortable for kids and to lessen the concern, parents decide to get the molars fixed by the SSC. The other white crowns can help with the front teeth and the premolars.


The pediatric dentist is specialized to analyse and treat the dental issues in children. Their gums are super sensitive and the baby teeth are delicate in their own way. Extra care and effort is put in to decide for the best results in future development of the same. The caries and decays are dealt first and according to the situation a dental filling or crowns are suggested to the parents. Then comes the choice making considering the temporary nature of the baby tooth and effective crown materials which can prove worthy to be seated.

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