Pediatric Dental Emergencies and Ways to Deal With Them

When pediatric dental emergencies like a bitten tongue or broken jaw happen, a dental appointment at Charles M. Marks, DDS & Dental Associates might help make your little one more comfortable. The Midtown emergency dentistry experts offer their young patients compassionate care in a calm environment, giving them their desired comfort. Pediatric dental emergency care entails instant dental services that might quickly relieve your child’s oral pain. The dental services may also address structural tooth damage and other problems that might worsen over time.     

Types of pediatric dental emergencies your child might suffer from:

  • Broken jaw

In case of a broken jaw, your healthcare provider may advise cold compressions to minimize the swelling.

  • Stuck objects in the teeth or mouth

Stuck objects in your child’s teeth or mouth can be uncomfortable. In such an instance, your dentist will advise you not to remove the object with a sharp or pointed object. Instead, the medical professional might recommend flossing.

  • Dental abscess

The debilitating painful infection that mainly forms inside a tooth’s root may cause the child to have bad taste in the mouth, fever, and swollen gums. An abscess can significantly affect your overall health if it spreads to the child’s other body parts. Therefore, your dentist might advise you not to hesitate to seek medical assistance with the infection.

  • Cavities

Cavities affect permanent and baby teeth. The best part with pediatric cavities is that the medical professional can successfully address the condition, minimizing the risk of the bacteria spreading to your other healthy teeth. 

  • Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is not preserved for adults. Children too, are likely to experience sensitivity due to cavities or pain in the baby teeth. In other instances, the sensitivity might result from worn-out enamel, thanks to grinding. Your pediatric dentist might help strengthen the enamel, relieving the young one’s discomfort.

  • Severe toothache

Toothache can range in severity. In other instances, the pain might result from food or foreign objects stuck in your child’s teeth. The medical expert will advise you to rinse the child’s mouth with warm water and use dental floss to remove any stuck object. Avoid using aspirin on your child’s painful area as the medication might burn his gum tissue.     

How can you minimize your child’s dental emergencies?

You can take several precautions to prevent your child from encountering an accident or injury to their teeth. For instance:

  • Ensure the child wears a mouth guard or helmet when necessary. Protective gear may provide ultimate protection, especially during recreational activities or sports.
  • Advise the little one not to run with objects like pencils and sticks in his mouth
  • Minimize instances that might force your child to use his teeth when cutting or opening things
  • If possible, use gates to obstruct potentially dangerous areas like stairways.
  • Take your child to visit his dentist at least twice a year to ensure his teeth are strong and healthy. 

No parent looks forward to seeing his child writhing in pain due to dental-related injuries. Seek professional help from your pediatric dentist as soon as the injury happens to prevent unnecessary complications that might force your child to go for extensive treatments.  

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