Preserve Your Teeth with Emergency Dentistry

Dental injuries happen unexpectedly, and they can cause permanent damage if not treated promptly. You may ride a bicycle or enjoy your favorite sport, and accidentally sustain a dental injury. If you need immediate dental care, your Bellevue emergency dentistry provider can provide the necessary treatment to save your tooth.

When should you seek emergency dentistry?

A dental emergency is a dental concern that requires urgent action by a certified dental professional. Dental emergencies should never be ignored as they can cause permanent damage to your teeth, gums, and to some extent, your facial appearance. Some of the dental concerns that you should seek emergency dentistry for include:

  •                     Loose permanent tooth
  •                     Symptoms of an abscess like pain, swelling, and fever
  •                     Cracked or broken tooth
  •                     Completely displaced or knocked teeth
  •                     Sudden stabbing pain when taking in certain drinks or foods
  •                     Excessive bleeding of your gums

You may experience toothache due to an injury like knocking your teeth out. Pain can also indicate an infection that may be attacking your gums, bones, or tooth pulp. Contact EZ Dental Clinic for emergency dental care if you experience excruciating pain in your mouth. You can also seek emergency dentistry if you’re trying to save a damaged tooth.

What should you do during a dental emergency?

Knowing how to handle a dental emergency and the precautions to take after sustaining a dental injury can help you save your gums and teeth and prevent further damage to them.

  •                     Knocked out tooth

In case you get your teeth knocked out during an accident, you should take the following precautions:

  •                     Please pick up your tooth by its crown and not its root
  •                     Keep the knocked-out tooth moist
  •                     Place the tooth back into its socket immediately
  •                     See your dentist within 30-60 minutes
  •                     Do not touch your tooth root

You can still save your tooth even after an hour, but the earlier you seek treatment, the higher your chances of keeping it. You can maintain the moisture of your tooth by dropping it in milk or dousing it in water before placing it back in its socket. If the tooth does not fit in the socket, do not force it.

  •                     An object wedged in your cheek, tongue, or gum.

The first thing you may be tempted to do is to remove the object that’s jammed in your mouth, but you shouldn’t touch it. Using sharp tools or toothpicks to remove the foreign object can cause severe damage to your teeth, in addition to being painful and uncomfortable. You can rinse your mouth with lukewarm water to reduce the discomfort. The most appropriate thing to do is call your dentist and inform him of your predicament.

What do professionals do during a dental emergency?

The professionals at EZ Dental Clinic offer immediate treatment for emergency cases. Before treatment, they take care of your pain and examine the extent of your injury. The team replants the tooth or attaches a temporary crown for a knocked-out tooth to prevent further damage.

Call the EZ Dental Clinic or schedule an online appointment if you need immediate dental care.

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