Reasons Why You Need a Family Medicine Physician Assistant

As the healthcare industry evolves at an ever-increasing pace, patients and physicians must understand which changes are beneficial and which ones might be detrimental. Sometimes these changes can confuse which provider to see for a specific issue. For many people, family medicine is the right choice for their healthcare needs, but there are some circumstances when a family medicine physician assistant (FMPA) would be a better fit. This article looks at some of the expected benefits you enjoy from working with a family medicine physician assistant in San Antonio. Read more below.

  • Enhances Care Coordination

One of the primary benefits of having a family medicine physician assistant as part of your care team is that they can help to enhance care coordination. FMPA’s are experts at coordinating care between different providers and helping to ensure that all aspects of your care are aligned. It can be especially important if you have multiple conditions that need to be managed.

  • Helps you Stay on Schedule

FMPA’s can also be very helpful in helping you stay on schedule with your care. By tracking your appointments and reminding you when it is time for your next check-up, FMPA’s help ensures that you don’t miss any critical screenings or treatments. It can be especially helpful if you have a busy schedule.

  • Provides Expertise in Family Medicine

As the name suggests, family medicine physician assistants have extensive expertise in family medicine. They are well-equipped to deal with many healthcare issues affecting people of all ages. In addition, FMPA’s are also experts in providing preventive care, which is an essential part of staying healthy.

  • Medical History Preservation

Another significant benefit of working with a family medicine physician assistant is that they can help to preserve your medical history. By maintaining detailed notes about your care, FMPA’s can help ensure that your medical history is accurately documented and easily accessible if you ever need it for future reference.

  • Chronic Condition Management

FMPA’s are experts in managing chronic conditions. They can help you manage your disease state over an extended period, essential for things like diabetes or hypertension. Given their expertise in family medicine, FMPA’s can also help you access the overall care you need to ensure that your condition remains under control.

  • Healthcare Advocacy

Family medicine physician assistants are also experts at advocating for you on the healthcare front. Working with an FMPA can help ensure that you get the care you need and that your voice is heard when making healthcare decisions. It can be especially important if you have a complex medical history or a chronic condition.

To summarize, family medicine physician assistants play a crucial role in your wellbeing. You need one for better care coordination and their expertise in family medicine. They can help manage chronic conditions and stay on schedule with different healthcare needs. Additionally, they keep the medical history of your entire family and advocate for you on the healthcare front.

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