Reversing the Effects of Venous Insufficiency – How to regain the Strength

Venous insufficiency is a medical condition in which the veins are not able to return the blood to the heart in a proper manner. Veins are the carrier that pushes the deoxygenated and used blood to the heart so that the circulation remains proper. If the veins are unable to do so, they are having venous insufficiency. This condition may cause swelling and pain in the legs, feet and ankles. It is also known as venous reflux disease. In order to treat this problem as well as ankle discoloration in Tinley Park, you have to contact a vein specialist.

Symptoms of venous insufficiency 

The major symptoms of this medical condition are elaborated below:

  • Swelling in legs
  • Spider or varicose veins in legs, face and ankles
  • Heaviness, tiredness, itchiness in legs 
  • Discoloration of ankles and legs
  • Infections on the surface of the skin 
  • Non-healing of the wounds in the legs

How to get rid of this problem naturally

Many people are unaware of the fact that they can get rid of this problem in a natural manner. Some of them are mentioned below:

Compression stockings and socks

With the help of compression socks, you will be able to reduce the adversity of this problem. This way, the blood is pushed back to the heart without any additional pressure on the veins of the legs. The damaged veins may not be repaired but the venous reflux can be minimized with these stockings. They can also provide relief from the varicose and spider veins.

Importance of performing exercises 

You should include physical activities in your routine life because blood flow increases as you perform running, jogging or running. This way, the blood reaches the heart in the right manner, which does not put additional pressure on the veins. It is highly recommended to devote 30 minutes on a daily basis if you want to reduce the effects of this medical condition.

Elevating your legs

Elevating your legs can move the blood flow back to your heart easily and without putting any effort by the veins. Doing so will help you with swollen and achy legs because there will be no pressure on the veins. You can also buy a special elevation pillow to get the desired results.

If the condition does not get any better, you should contact a qualified vein specialist with in-depth knowledge and skills.

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