Robotic Surgery and all it entails

Robotic surgery is the use of a robot to aid in surgery. The surgery has been embraced by surgeons and pain management specialist in Old Bridge  as it enhances your surgeons and your pain management specialist’s skills. Unlike traditional surgery where the surgeons perform the surgery themselves, robotic surgery enables surgeons to perform surgery with a rigid robotic arm. The robotic arm does not work without the guidance of your specialist, as it must receive commands.

Reasons for getting Robotic Spine Surgery

Your doctor will recommend that you get robotic spine surgery if you have severe back problems that other treatments cannot relieve. Robotic spine surgery is most suitable as the robot is highly precise and accurate; it is therefore highly recommended for spine surgeries.

What Procedures use Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery is most preferred as it is highly accurate and helps doctors perform complex procedures that require flexibility. Robotic surgery is normally associated with minimally invasive surgeries. The following are procedures that use robotic surgery:

  •         General surgery
  •         Colorectal surgery
  •         Thoracic surgery
  •         Heart surgery
  •         Head and neck surgery
  •         Urologic surgery
  •         Endometriosis
  •         Gynecologic surgery

Can any Doctor Perform Robotic Surgery?

Not any doctor can perform robotic surgery; only a thoroughly trained doctor can perform robotic surgery. The surgeries to be performed are minimally invasive surgeries; this means that the procedures involve smaller incisions. Only a highly trained doctor can perform robotic surgery on you.

Advantages of Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is advantageous to doctors and patients. Your doctor often recommends the surgery when you have to undergo the procedures mentioned above as it is most effective. These advantages include:

  •         It makes surgery more precise.
  •         The procedure is less painful.
  •         There is minimal blood loss.
  •         Shorter recovery period
  •         Less scarring
  •         There is less risk of infection.
  •         It is minimally invasive.

Disadvantages of Robotic Surgery

There are disadvantages when it comes to robotic surgery. These disadvantages are easily manageable and can be avoided in most cases. It is disadvantageous to doctors as it has a steeper learning curve meaning it will take some time to master. The disadvantages are:

  •  It is expensive-Robotic surgery is more expensive than traditional surgery; this is because of the use of robots.
  •  Robots could malfunction-Just like electronics, robots also malfunction, although it rarely happens. If it happens, the malfunctioned robot can be easily replaced by another, and your surgeon can proceed with the surgery successfully.

Is Robotic Surgery the Best Option?

Robotic surgery will benefit you most as a patient and a surgeon; it enhances the surgeons’ skills and makes surgeries more successful. It is highly recommended for patients as it is suitable, successful, and painless.

Robotic surgery has made spine surgeries highly successful by using techniques to optimize accuracy in various surgeries for chronic back pain. Robotic spine surgery is considered as it is highly beneficial, as stated in the advantages above. Read More About: ifuntv


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