Six Facts About Pain That You Should Know

Pain will affect your daily lifestyle and is a way of sending a red flag for immediate attention. People will experience pain differently, and some prefer to live with it by taking painkillers to suppress it. However, chronic pain may be more uncomfortable and requires a specialist to help manage it. If you have experienced unending pain that affects your daily lifestyle, Dr. Adam Camp is the best specialist for you. Together with the team at Advanced Pain Solutions, he has experience and expertise in providing the best pain-relieving treatment. Learn a few facts about pain before booking your appointment.

Pain Is Both Physical and Emotional

Chronic pain is severe such that it affects more than the body. Pain affects people psychologically and may cause emotions such as frustration and anger. Pain can also trigger stress which increases with the increase in the intensity of pain which goes round in circles. Increased levels of stress may lead to depression which affects your daily life.

Women Feel More Pain Than Men

Different conditions present in women cause them to experience more pain than men. Conditions such as menstruation, childbirth, and migraines are some of the situations that trigger the levels of pain in women. Women are susceptible to pain and will experience more pain since their tolerance level is low.

The Brain Doesn’t Feel the pain

The brain sends signals through the nerves to the area that hurts. The brain only acts as an interpreter of pain but does not possess sensitive nerves to feel the pain itself. The body releases chemicals that send pain messages through the spinal cord to the brain, and then the brain sends the message back to the injured area.

Back Pain is the Most Common Pain Condition

 According to research, many people in the world have experienced back pain at a given point. Back pain remains the most common condition that people experience daily. Many people have sought back pain treatment followed by head and migraines. Getting more rest is a good remedy for back pain, but one has to remain active to allow the muscles to exercise.

Weather Can Affect Pain

You will experience an increase in pain intensity when it is cold or raining. Weather changes lead to a change in air pressure, which may lead people, especially those with arthritis, to experience more pain.

Kick the Habit, Ease Your Pain

Smokers will experience more pain, especially those with back and neck pain. Nicotine is known to decrease blood flow to body organs, which may delay the healing process. Smokers will require a higher dosage than non-smokers to relieve back pains.

Many people have experienced pain but have no idea of what to do to manage the pain for good. It is not easy to get a facility that will help treat your unending pain. However, at Advanced Pain Solutions, the team is dedicated to ensuring you live a pain-free lifestyle. They have experience and expertise in diagnosing the cause of your pain and offer the best pain relief treatment. You do not have to suffer in silence while you can have your lifestyle back. Start by booking an online consultation or calling their office today.

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