Smile Restoration is as Easy as Smiling Itself

A good smile speaks volumes in any interaction. However, some instances and situations could ruin that for you. Such situations include oral problems like discolored teeth, broken or unbalanced teeth, missing teeth, or flat non-voluminous lips. Sargon Dental brings you good news since they offer custom-made veneers, dentures, dental implants, lip augmentation, and full mouth reconstruction in Encino and West Hollywood, California. Below is a broader view of their exceptional procedures, which aim at making your smile great again.

Dental Implants

One of the most disturbing looks you could have is one brought about by missing teeth. The gaps created could also lead to other oral health problems. Dental implants are artificially created roots of teeth made from biocompatible substances introduced in your jaw to fill the gaps. Using biocompatible material helps in osseointegration, a process where the artificial tooth blends with your jaw and becomes part of your jaw bone because your body does not recognize it as a foreign object but rather as a part of your body. The specialists use a minor surgical procedure to perform the implant, after which you can easily have your crown fixed on top. Dental implants are the best to choose because, unlike adhesive and suction, they offer better support for your dentures, offer a great healthy stimulation to your jawbone, and do not damage the adjacent teeth.

Lip Augmentation

Lip fullness makes the symmetry of your smile admirable and, most of all, captivating. However, you may lose volume as you age and sometimes from unforeseen occurrences. You might also feel a little uncomfortable with your natural lips and discover that a little volume could do the trick for you. Lip augmentation aims to restore this lip volume and thus enhance your appearance. The specialists at Sargon Dental can perform lip augmentation in two ways. The first way is through fat transfer, where the specialist removes fat from an area it is not wanted in the body, treats it, then transfers it to the lips. Fat transfer is a procedure that offers permanent results.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction combines a variety of dental procedures to give you an overall improved smile. These procedures revolve around general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Your specialist usually develops a personalized treatment plan depending on your underlying conditions and the desired appearance. Two different people cannot have the same full mouth reconstruction procedures because the needs of every individual are different. Some of the dental procedure combinations that the specialist could use include bridges and crowns, tooth extractions, dental implants, and veneers. To qualify for a full reconstruction, the specialist has to evaluate your medical history, the current state of oral health, and your desired appearance.

Sargon Dental has the solution ready for whatever condition you may face in your facial appearance, which affects your smile. You no longer have to put up with awkward and uncomfortable moments in front of people while trying to hide your flaws. Visit Sargon Dental today.

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