Solve Error Problem [pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea]

If you are also facing this error on your system, then follow the steps provided here to fix this issue.

Many users face these types of issues and the bad thing is that they are not provided with any further information about what this error is and what is the cause for this issue.

That leaves the users in complete darkness and users get confused about what exactly to do to solve this error and make their outlook to work for them again.

It is really not an easy task to just read such type of alpha numeric characters on screen and identify the issue just by looking at these fancy codes.

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So, if you are facing this issue then I understand that you would have tried everything possible to solve the issue but unfortunately you could not solve it and that’s the reason why you are here.

No worries.

I will provide you the required guidance and the steps to be followed to check further on this issue and to resolve it.

Whether you are facing the issue while using Outlook express or Outlook, the main reason for this issue remains same for both of these Microsoft products.

Hence, it does not really matter which application you were using when you got this error message.

What matters here is that if you see [pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea] error code on your screen then the possibility of the main root cause is the same.

So, lets see what this error is and how to solve this error.

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pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea] Error?

One of the most common error faced by multiple users on daily basis.

There have been many users reporting this error code on daily basis and based on that I have done a through research to find the main cause for this issue and to find a solution for the same.

This error is mainly caused due to the antivirus software installed on user’s system.

Yes, that’s right.

Its main cause is antivirus software.

When antivirus software interferes with email client or due to a misconfiguration of the antivirus software you start seeing this error message appearing on your screen.

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Also, there are email scanners inbuilt in almost all of the antivirus software. So, if your antivirus starts blocking the email client for any reason, maybe it thinks that something is not right and then blocks the communication to keep you safe from any possible threat.

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In that case your email client stops working and you see an error code appearing on your system to keep you informed about the issue.

If you are facing this issue, then there is a possibility that your antivirus is causing some trouble to your email client for some reason.

So, it is better to check the configuration of your antivirus software to identify the issue and then solve it.

How to Solve [pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea] Error?

If you are facing this error, then now you know the possible root cause. It is a wise decision to check the configuration of your antivirus software to see if it is causing issue.

Try to disable email scanner inside antivirus if it is running.

Try disabling the antivirus itself and see if that solves your issue.

If you have no clue, then uninstalling the antivirus is another option for you to try.

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You can reinstall it back whenever required so there is no need to worry about uninstallation at all.

In worst case, if nothing else solves the issue then it might be required to reinstall your Outlook application by reinstalling MS Office on your system.


This will surely solve [pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea] error on your system and you will get your Outlook back in working condition.

You have learned the root cause and possible solution for this error, and I am sure that by following the steps provided here, you will surely be able to solve the issue on your system.

If you know any other steps by following which you could solve this issue, then please feel free to share the steps below in the comments so that it would help other users to solve this issue for them as well. [pii_email_2daa5a9f2cefc0afc998], [pii_email_2db8c939254ae73a1f8c], [pii_email_2dd8de5abfec23a51f31], [pii_email_2df327b0dcb42960e4c2], [pii_email_2df4a0911c80aaae], [pii_email_2df53a71e3f337728180], [pii_email_2e58bc4542b1103f45a2], [pii_email_2e6a45d09ae80798df15], [pii_email_2eb60a91ccc6a6502c50], [pii_email_2ee2ae336840fe2758ad], [pii_email_2f5e9430a5acb611dc9f], [pii_email_2f85c35c89bcc87b], [pii_email_2ff30d2db71cc965], [pii_email_2ff7b10bd40cede19dc1], [pii_email_2ffc736f4658dc347ba2], [pii_email_3006818a1943db43], [pii_email_301e7c3794c3ec5ce2e9], [pii_email_304b9b27d538415a4ade], [pii_email_305c3f83f3d40c46cf71], [pii_email_3067d7d353cdeade9afa], [pii_email_30baf21170a142e2ae1e], [pii_email_30bde02da10bd27ab9d7], [pii_email_30d976209a27358f63a6], [pii_email_3104a6cc9158590916bb], [pii_email_31292814763ad1fd1fdd], [pii_email_312ffad06f5da25b1b2c], [pii_email_3131c1f881d8848e8116], [pii_email_316cb5e2e59f1ce78052], [pii_email_31856158f12f63ff1c05], [pii_email_3193bfb8164038e487c7], [pii_email_319f2e0495bf1b92], [pii_email_31a36cad29941f60c4d4], [pii_email_31e3dd6da9b0f80a3ee7], [pii_email_31e7b199cdf0b1acf258], [pii_email_31f28c9d844873d74766], [pii_email_324653cf0746e811f715], [pii_email_325f00443c73bf9114ad], [pii_email_325f858f72bce3e42369], [pii_email_326235d8eee3c13e6aac], [pii_email_32886dfc00bb0884f7d2], [pii_email_32945f0d11a29fcf71c7], [pii_email_32af4f02d0b9abc96c1e], [pii_email_32dbe586a362437df5b4], [pii_email_32dff520794be30d9434], [pii_email_32ecc2895ce6d9c0e82d], [pii_email_3366d1e3a6f49edb5169], [pii_email_3389a61d9b0fd4e52d8b], [pii_email_33919a258e929d2368a9], [pii_email_33a2b85b7bf58e62129f], [pii_email_33bcc5fa9284de56eb3d], [pii_email_340776305ab2770b083c], [pii_email_343f9a4b0c479cb0b367], [pii_email_347ddecc42f0924d230e], [pii_email_348021edcd5c1178376d], [pii_email_34dbd274f4c54df85073], [pii_email_34f1e12e8babb3800037], [pii_email_3500f189e86c534efce2], [pii_email_3515019d3f21aec6263c], [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae], [pii_email_35800da0131beebe44e2], [pii_email_35a145559dea09db], [pii_email_35a6abc7ff0feba30547], [pii_email_35ecc45cdf0e64449ffb], [pii_email_361fe9bc996c9c296d02], [pii_email_36344a3ca6e8d35a5a6a], [pii_email_36513d782f033d9a8074], [pii_email_367ebd071aaf1663625c], [pii_email_368b642140de9c1dd3dc], [pii_email_369c675973e50b8ef2ed], [pii_email_36a50bb66950eac042df], [pii_email_371defe6ad71f4e4a0a0], [pii_email_3735fe2341b2478af6ca], [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54], [pii_email_376e6ae2f5f75f4eb17e], [pii_email_377ebd8b7a9bc345bc5e], [pii_email_378df8c999c313f9f8d3], [pii_email_37aa0fbf53cb549e2201], [pii_email_37c2015ab958d307], [pii_email_38010b93e08d5235aa7e], [pii_email_385956c2c10cbd3886fd], [pii_email_387fb3a7cd2b118358b8], [pii_email_3889b091919024e81e96], [pii_email_388f7ce2f9c7ff8bf33e], [pii_email_38ffbd187b08c6efb106], [pii_email_39065c4ef6f080d07ef3], [pii_email_3934f4eaa2b8f1573e58], [pii_email_394c7082e202e06cf6d8], [pii_email_3977a14727fbbd446799], [pii_email_39aca0618672afe948aa], [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b], [pii_email_3a055da5e78763bfb9d1], [pii_email_3a15ad3c3c90ab2bfabf], [pii_email_3a161a437f6cf9be85f5], [pii_email_3a19ac5cc937023e1594], [pii_email_3a36ecf4898957ccb17f], [pii_email_3a4527b94ccfd3ceab3a], [pii_email_3a4f5f4b4d7f15c57d3e], [pii_email_3a74beff0dc78ea44fdc], [pii_email_3a828d6fb3b216f8], [pii_email_3a9d3e9e999e7c6eddce], [pii_email_3aa687ac68e9b1fe5f6c], [pii_email_3ab4d07620fbbae85967], [pii_email_3ac9b9a5e186d1fd], [pii_email_3ace3fa8b97897908486], [pii_email_3ad8865247e03ffa6a88], [pii_email_3ae25ddefddd04391d34], [pii_email_3af808b2d3c4cdf999da], [pii_email_3b9c7cadc7ee7d3fa2e1], [pii_email_3ba2ddac1372b10683cf], [pii_email_3bc400fb6095f572d534], [pii_email_3be3b75150099a8b5173], [pii_email_3be580c061637bde], [pii_email_3c20fbc7ec63eff1d6f2], [pii_email_3c42f50b729336246b09], [pii_email_3c461a53eb62f26f31c8], [pii_email_3c4b34de2e37cd3e1ddb], [pii_email_3c4e64746b7dbdf0f125], [pii_email_3c64b6f83345abd303ad], [pii_email_3c6d49ac136753faa220], [pii_email_3c7e8b2fb6c19f4629a7], [pii_email_3c85d9bd059ab02ca5a9], [pii_email_3c97141bfc011c28e193], [pii_email_3cab3448f0c307cb8a55],

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