Struggling with covid anxiety? Here’s how counselling can rescue you!

According to statistics, since the initiation of Covid 19 in Singapore and to date, approximately 187,000 cases have been registered in the country. The global outbreak of Covid 19 that began in early 2020, shook up the entire nation with sudden desperate increased demand for hospital beds, medical facilities, medical resources, etc. which only kept rising with each passing day. Amidst this global pandemic, the majority of the countries, including Singapore, imposed lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus and protect the population by keeping them inside their houses.

Stress and anxiety are very common, especially during the global pandemic, and they need mindful assistance and support.

However, while the government is actively working towards controlling the coronavirus situation in the country, the Singapore population might be facing intense Covid anxiety concerns as people are finding it rather difficult to keep themselves sane, given the increasing cases, not being able to go out and uncertainty of the situation. If you are one of them, stay tuned and you will have the best solution to overcome your COVID-19 anxiety with great ease and maximum support.

Covid anxiety is a common medical concern that needs proper attention, similar to any other medical issue. However, the most effective medical support that can curb anxiety is counselling. Counselling in Singapore is very popular as people give equal acknowledgement to physical and mental health issues. Here are some of the top reasons how counselling in Singapore can help you deal with anxiety with professional expertise.

Benefits Of Counselling In Singapore

A Friend In Need

In most people, the Covid anxiety is peaking due to the lack of social meetings. Not everyone is used to being locked up in the house and curbing their extrovert nature in the right direction. This is why counselling in Singapore comes in handy as it is an online resource that can be availed from the comfort of your home. You thus, get a friend to talk to, about anything and everything, without having to commute to another place, making it a win-win situation. Additionally, sharing your thoughts will help release the built-up tension slowly, making you feel better from the first session itself.

Increased Self-Awareness

Uncertainty is the biggest reason behind anxiety but what most people fail to understand is the situation is not entirely in their hands. For anyone who is going through Covid anxiety, knowing what is in your control and what is not is very important to feel more at ease. With the help of counselling in Singapore, you can talk to the experts and get the necessary guidance and support to acknowledge what you can control and what you cannot. Once you get this clarity through counselling, you will be able to focus more on things that need your attention and can be controlled by you.

More Self-Care Practices

Another benefit of signing up for counselling in Singapore is getting the opportunity to let a third person analyze your situation and help you come out of Covid anxiety, doing what you love doing. In simpler words, regular counselling in Singapore can effectively encourage you to take up activities that involve intense self-care to distract you from the uncertainty in the environment, helping you overcome Covid anxiety slowly amolife.

Constant Follow-Ups

Unlike friendly counselling sessions with your family members or friends which are mostly a one-time thing, when you sign up for proper counseling in Singapore, you will have someone checking up on you at all times. Mental stresses like anxiety require reassurance every once in a while and having someone to talk to regularly eases out the stress levels. All experts that offer counselling in Singapore ensure to stay connected with you till you feel comfortable and less anxious sabwishes.

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, there are many more reasons to invest your time and energy to get counselling in Singapore. Other than getting regular counselling in Singapore, you can also practice self-help techniques to beat the anxiety in times when the counsellor is unavailable. Small gestures like reaching out to your friends on social media platforms instead of meeting them face-to-face can effectively reduce your anxiety. Another way to curb your anxiety is to involve yourself in some sort of physical activity of your choice that keeps your mind distracted, as that helps keep the anxiety on the low celebshaunt.

Overall, to conclude, in society it is highly common and very normal and can happen to anyone, regardless of age and gender. The global pandemic has been more of mental stress, especially for those who are living away from family in countries like Singapore, Australia, or any other part of the world, for education or work purposes. But, you always have the option of getting the right support and guidance from counselling in Singapore so do not hesitate and reach out to the counselling services today equalaffection.


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