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Surrogacy is an important procedure for both men and women whether they are single or married. Moreover, this procedure has great value in the eyes of infertile couples. Every couple dreams to have their baby and surrogacy has resolved all of their problems by providing different services including egg donation service. Not all couples can have children with their own eggs. In this case we recommend to use an eizellspende services. It is the best thing you can get from Ukraine.

Moreover, surrogacy with egg donation (aka eizellspende) is a simple procedure for many couples while some couples face a lot of complexities. Other than that, surrogacy is legal in some countries why its legality is doubted in the rest of the countries. It is just that you have to get the procedure done from a country where it is legal and you get all the proper documentation done so that you can take your baby along to the resident country.

Anything related to surrogacy, infertility or pregnancy requires a very careful medical approach. You need to consult the best Gynecologist in Dubai to understand the specifics of your particular situation. No two cases are the same when it comes to infertility issues, problems and treatments. You should look to gain a complete understanding on the topic and make sure that you are taking help from seasoned and experienced professionals. They will be able to guide you in the best possible manner in terms of these probable treatment options.

Apart from that, there are several different services that you can choose from.

The list of the services are as under:

1. Comfort guarantee

The first service on the list is a comfort guarantee which costs you around €17,000 and includes IVF and PGD. Moreover, the number of donated egg cells from eizellspende service and male sperm is one. The risk coverage is for 12 weeks of pregnancy. Isn’t this service great?

2. VIP guarantee

The next service on the list costs the customers around €28,500. The risk coverage is till the baby is born.

3. Deluxe guarantee

Another service is known as the deluxe guarantee which costs around €34,500. Besides, the couple can select the egg donor with the help of the photo. Additionally, you can also select the sperm donor on your own. Apart from that, one can select donors based on DNS compatibility. The most amazing fact about this service is that you can select the gender of the baby as per your choice.

4. Embryo donation/adoption

Another egg donation service is known as embryo donation/adoption. Also, this service costs around €17,000. Apart from that, the risk coverage is around 12 weeks of pregnancy which is pretty enough.

A surrogate mother in Ukraine

Ukraine is known as the cheapest country for surrogacy procedures. Furthermore, the feskov human reproduction group provides the customers with a flexible and comfortable payment procedure so that all the couples who desire to have their children can avail the offer.

Besides that, we offer cost-effective services to our clients along with proper and legal documentation for the newborn.

Expectations from the surrogate mother in Ukraine

It is expected from a surrogate mother of Ukraine that:

  • She has at least one healthy baby born through natural procedure
  • All the tests regarding drugs, nicotine, alcohol are negative and for sexually transmitted diseases too
  • The surrogate has no mental or somatic pathologies
  • Psychologically suitable to perform the role of a surrogate mother very carefully

Similar to ordinary pregnancies, the surrogate mother goes through several tests and the reproductive clinics take measures to check the health of the surrogate and the baby inside her womb.

A married woman needs to participate in the program with the written consent of her partner.

Also, the cost of the surrogate mother is never disclosed. Aside from that, some statements are disclosed from certain surrogate mothers and they only revealed that participation in a single program solves a lot of their issues like improving their living conditions and helps in paying for their children’s education.

The nature of the relationship between the surrogate mother and the parents to be is entirely different in every case. Some couples want to stay in touch with the surrogate mother unless the baby is born and usually introduce themselves to the surrogate mother. While other couples maintain a distance and choose the right candidate through the photo.

However, this scenario remains the same even after the baby is born. Additionally, some couples allow the surrogate mother to see the photos of the child while some couples refrain from doing so and maintain a distance for certain reasons.Read more about tamilmv

What is included in the cost of surrogacy?

The price of surrogacy is not only for the surrogate mother but it also includes the maintenance cost like food, transportation, clothing, and other costs during pregnancy.

There are some other things like the need for a cesarean section for the surrogate mother which adds a few thousand dollars more. But still, even after adding all the additional costs, the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine aka leihmutter Ukraine   is exceptionally low which is great and that is why people opt for this country when it comes to surrogacy. 

Final words

Although surrogacy is not a natural procedure, it has helped a lot of people become parents and spread laughter among infertile couples. Additionally, surrogacy in Ukraine is very cheap as compared to the other countries of the world. Aside from that, low price is not the only good factor about the procedure to be done from this country but surrogacy is truly legal in Ukraine.

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