The Best Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software List 2021

Regardless of the size of your practice, you need a decent electronic medical record, EMR software. Having computerized, accessible, and continually available data is very beneficial. To have the information of every patient in practice helps medical experts settle on the best medical services in a limited time.

Securing this sensitive information is significant as well. The best electronic medical record software protects information. It also keeps it effectively open to individuals who need it. Appropriate electronic record along with an electronic medical billing system decreases the time spent on executive work.

Difference Between EMR And EHR

It is seen that a few vendors use the terms EMR and EHR conversely. But it is essential to know that they are different. They actually have a couple of contrasts that you should comprehend.

EMR systems

With EMR software, a solitary practice will digitize the patients’ charts. This incorporates the entirety of the data about the patient’s medical history from specialists at the practice only.

EHR systems

With EHR software, you’ll have the digitized patient outline found in EMR. However, you’ll discover records from all physicians who have treated the patient. Different practices may share the patient’s EHR with one another.

The EMR system works on the capacity of solitary practice. It really focuses on the patient and assists the practice in many ways. For instance, it sends reminders to the patient for impending tests or regular checkups.

Getting the perfect EMR software will deliver critical advantages for patients and doctors as well. This makes the process of caring for patients more organized and successful.

Considerations To Choose The Best EMR System For You

Tracking down the best electronic medical records software for your specific practice becomes simpler when you center around the particular necessities of your practice. Here are some spaces we weighed that should be considered for choosing an EMR system.

1.     Programmed Reminders

2.     Scanning Documents

3.     Sending Prescriptions

4.     Systems Integration

5.     Reminds important undertakings

6.     Layout Creation

7.     Programmed Reminders

8.     Following Patient Flow

9.     Following Prescriptions Responsive vendor

Programmed Reminders

A significant piece of dealing with a patient’s consideration is keeping scheduled appointments. With specific EMR software, you can set up a programmed reminder system. This system reminds the patient about upcoming appointments or about suggestions to schedule an appointment.

Scanning Documents

Some EMR systems also consider document scanning. This enables one to coordinate with their medical billing.  It helps to know what your medical billing company need for supporting documentation for claims.

Sending Prescriptions

Inside most EMR software, you will have the choice of submitting patient’s prescribed drug orders digitally to the drug store, utilizing an e-solution system.

Sending prescriptions digitally is protected and practical. It guarantees that the request for controlled substances heads out just to the patient’s drug store of choice. In addition, it eliminates the patient’s chances of losing a written prescription.

Systems Integration

On the off chance that your EMR software can incorporate numerous systems effectively being used at your practice, it smoothes record keeping.

This component is particularly significant for cross-section the EMR system with the best electronic medical billing software, such as UControl Billing, you have set up.

Regardless of whether your practice sends its billing data to a medical billing company or does billing in-house, joining the EMR system and the medical billing software saves a lot of time. It also decreases coding mistakes.

Reminds important undertakings

Each medical practice has hundreds, if not thousands, of ordinary undertakings to perform consistently. Regardless of whether you’re anticipating results from tests shipped to an off-site lab, or you need suggestions to check with different associates about a patient’s status, certain EMR software makes this cycle far simpler than others.

Layout Creation

Let us assume your practice sees a specific kind of sickness or condition consistently in a community. With the top EMR system, the medical team could format data about treating the particular disease. This guarantees that the entirety of the specialists and attendants follow similar advances.

This saves time in treating this normal condition while additionally diminishing the chance of errors.

Following Patient Flow

One thing that you might not consider when looking at the best EMR software is the manner in which they can track patients flowing through your office.

Your EMR system might be capable of showing precisely where bottlenecks are happening in the patient stream in your office. This will assist you with getting proficient.

Following Prescriptions

If you have patients who ingest numerous physician recommended medications, keeping on top of expected side effects and drug reactions is a tedious cycle.

By choosing an EMR software that permits physician-recommended drug tracking inside the patient’s records, spotting drug collaborations will be simpler and will happen in an ideal way.

Responsive vendor

Picking the right vendor is a critical piece of determining the EMR system. Regardless of whether the EMR software is incredible, it will be only a headache for your practice if the vendor’s support isn’t acceptable.

List Of 5 Best Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software

Keeping in mind the considerations mentioned above, we have chosen the following best five EMR software of 2021.

1.     AdvancedMD

2.     CareCloud EMR

3.     Kareo EMR

4.     Sevocity EMR

5.     TheraNest


Whether you need fundamental or advanced highlights in your EMR, AdvancedMD has everything you need. It is adequately adaptable to fit the requirements of a wide range of practices.

The essential dashboard accessible through AdvancedMD requires some labor to figure out. One might need to learn how to use it well. However, once you sort this system out, you’ll have the option to do great things to make your practice work productively.

CareCloud EMR

The CareCloud EMR software enables you to decide how the patient courses through your training unmistakably. These aides spot expected bottlenecks, making your processes more productive all the while.

They’re additionally electronic so that you can utilize them with any input gadget. The interface is exceptionally versatile as well. That is ideal for the ever-changing universe of laws and guidelines.

Kareo EMR

Kareo EMR software is not difficult to utilize. This present system’s interface is somewhat more established than some others, yet it actually will turn out pleasantly for small-scale practices. Those working at your practice will actually want to get the essentials of the EMR rapidly. This will keep you going with almost no time spent.

Sevocity EMR

The Sevocity EMR software has many great highlights. It is ideal for little and average-sized practices. Yet, it probably won’t be adequately incredible to address the issues of bigger practices.

The interface in this EMR is very simple to utilize, and you can perform fundamental customization highlights. Their customer support group is accessible 24 hours every day.


For practices that should have the option to get to the EMR software utilizing numerous kinds of gadgets, TheraNest is a keen choice. They offer two different ways to do as such:

You can utilize a conventional computing system to run TheraNest. The other choice is that you can get to it with cell phone applications. In addition, it also has a client portal. This portal permits the clients to plan their own appointments or to submit forms.


A medical center needs to have EMR software to carry out its medical records and documentation smoothly. One more software that helps medical center operations run smoothly is sound medical billing software. EMR’s system, along with the medical billing software, will make your practice a well-organized and systematic place. We recommend our readers try UControl Billing for the best medical billing services.

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