The Everest Foundation: What is Graduate Medical Education

Graduate medical education fundamentally describes training that must be completed by graduates from medical schools to be considered licensed physicians with authority to practice caring for patients.

Based on the field of practice, the period of pursuing graduate medical education could last between four and seven years or even longer if a physician chooses to sub-specialize. This further training prepares doctors for private practice in that particular specialty.

The Everest Foundation deems graduate medical education to be the future of medicine. As a result, they assist current and graduate medical students globally to form associations with leading medical schools to share their enthusiasm, significantly contributing to producing future medical research leaders.

This foundation is an exclusive non-profit entity with its primary purpose and mission statement in graduate medical education.

Agata Everest and the team at The Everest Foundation support groundbreaking medical research opportunities through funding. This is accomplished by establishing additional residency training across the country that satisfies the demands of communities assisted by health systems.

To ensure support is provided for teaching hospitals in susceptible urban and rural regions across America, the Everest Foundation continues to use campaigns to push this effort.

Several medical residency applicants are well trained to leave medical school; nonetheless, they are deficient in the opportunities to practice their discipline due to what is known as the “residency bottleneck.” Only 29 percent of graduates who make an application for residency have substantial research experience outlined on their Curriculum Vitae.

That indicates that 71 percent of applicants are without this critical exposure while participating in their post-graduate education due to a lack of opportunity to conduct research.

This impedes innovation and development in medical research for newly minted physicians.  The Everest Foundation is committed to its mission to change this and to continue to be a part of the solution.

They provide funding, training, and research opportunities to some of the nation’s most prestigious medical schools and training hospitals. The foundation has a core competency that focuses on the needs of local communities and links with local partners with a comparable value system. Additionally, the foundation funds wellness programs to benefit medical residents vulnerable to burnout, addiction, and mental health challenges.

Two Primary Players in The Everest Foundation

Dr. Michael Everest

Dr. Michael Everest established the Everest Foundation to carry on the heritage of Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest. Along with Agata Everest, Dr. Michael Everest is acknowledged for the contributions the foundation is extending to many medical schools and organizations.

Dr. Michael Everest is dedicated to instituting more innovative ideas regarding medicine. He is a firm believer in the value of making additional funding available for medical research, specifically with all that is currently happening across the globe.

Agata Everest

Agata Everest is the CEO of The Everest Foundation. She leads most of their efforts as Dr. Michael Everest focuses more on for-profit work at his company, Residents Medical Group.  As a devoted daughter-in-law, Agata Everest has significantly contributed to ensuring the zeal and vision of Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest lives on.

She is enthusiastic about assisting women by providing opportunities at the onset of their careers in medicine. The individuals are from varying economic backgrounds, and Agata does not want financing to limit individuals inclined to put in additional effort to succeed. This is an area of interest she is pretty passionate about.

How The Everest Foundation is Aiding Medical Advancements

Research in Medicine

Established as an institution for research, The Everest Foundation’s core competency now primarily focuses on providing support for fellowships, professorships, and medical research scholars in the United States. This is achieved through specialists striving to become clinical and academic research leaders.

Medical research is the basis of medical innovation and, as such, affordable healthcare and progressive public health policy. All research initiatives are supported, including gifts, grants, and research studies. The funding enables the submission and publication of medical journals for medical advancement.

Schools of Medicine

There is some evolution in graduate medical education daily. New curriculums and programs are constantly designed to prepare aspiring physicians to serve global communities.

By joining partnerships with medical schools and creating a shared, complimentary vision, the foundation supports initiatives unique to the school’s requirements, expansion of residency positions, fellowships, research, and the community-based challenges of the particular medical school.

The consternation is that many newly-trained physicians are not afforded the opportunities to utilize their capabilities in medical research, which could theoretically make positive changes for the planet.

The Everest Foundation’s mission is to resolve this by funding graduate medical education programs and international initiatives for residents of medicine to be put in leading institutions to impact the globe. They desire to be a part of the remedy.

Venture Philanthropy

The foundation also focuses on venture philanthropy, and its impact can be felt in medical schools all over the globe. From the United States to the continent of Africa, The Everest Foundation satisfies the needs of susceptible populations, supplying assistance with trailblazing research.

Scholars Program Offered by Everest Foundation

The scholar’s program is the foundation of Agata Everest’s mission. These scholars are among the most inventive and advanced physicians in the medical field. Some have conducted research at esteemed medical schools, and many awards have been won.

Furthermore, several scholars have utilized their sister association, Residents Medical Group, and a standard for first-class research projects has been established.

To be eligible for this scholars program, a thorough process is utilized to decide on the best candidates with the most significant prospect of influencing the future of medicine. Scholars are chosen from various countries, and several are now giving back to their communities ttactics by serving in rural and susceptible regions.

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