The Healing Power of Flowers: 5 Surprising Floral Facts 

Everyone talks about how flowers and plants, in general, are great for people, how they reduce stress, improve your mood, and even make the air in the room cleaner. But how true are all these facts, and how much of it is fiction? 

You might be surprised to know that there is, in fact, some truth to the healing properties of flowers. They might not be able to cure all your ails with a single whiff of their scent, but having them around the house or hospital room certainly helps, not to mention how many flowers are used in herbal medicine for multiple reasons, and have been scientifically proven to have many benefits. 

Keep reading for some really interesting floral facts! 

Flowers Help Hospital Patients Recover 

Did you know that sending get-well flowers can actually help your loved ones recover faster while in the hospital? There are multiple studies that support this finding, and perhaps the answer lies in the fact that the flowers provide a morale boost to the patient. 

We all know by now that stress and a negative approach to your healing process all have adverse effects on your health even on the good days, and it’s even worse when you’re healing in a hospital. Once you know that someone out there cares, and when your hospital room doesn’t look drab and dull, it can really help. 

They’re Used in Skin Care 

Flowers are a usual ingredient in a lot of skincare practices across the globe, from rose water being used for cleansing and moisturizing the skin in various ways to using lavender to heal acne, these blooms aren’t just there for the visual appeal.

Popular Calming Teas 

Flowers like jasmine and chamomile are very commonly used in teas for how they make the body relax and calm. It’s suggested you use chamomile tea to sleep better, and many other flowers like roses, linden, and hibiscus are used in these teas as well. 

If you’ve ever had some calming tea to relax before bed or have a tea lover in your life, you might have consumed something like this in the past. 

They Improve the Atmosphere 

Plants (and especially flowers) are known to naturally add humidity to the air, which is a very important thing in the winters when the dryness and the coldness combine to cause all kinds of common colds and flu. 

In today’s pandemic-ridden environment, it’s even more important to keep your environment humid and healthy to avoid falling sick, and flowers and plants can really help with that. 

Edible Flowers 

There are even edible flowers that can be used to heal stomach aches, indigestion, and ground into a paste to heal cuts and burns. The most popular ones include Lavender, Echinacea, and Gardenia. 

Fair warning – not every flower is good to rub on your wounds or to consume or put on your body, which is why we advise against administering any kind of herbal remedy, be it external or internal, unless you have extensive knowledge of the subject. 

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