The Key to a Flawless Smile – Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Research shows that smiling can help boost immunity systems and has a direct link to happiness. However, not everyone has a perfect set of straight pearly white teeth. A smile defines how attractive a person looks, and millions aren’t confident about their smile.

Worry not, because advancements in science and cosmetic dentistry have made it possible to achieve the perfect smile with a few procedures. Signing up can be daunting so, here’s a rundown on which cosmetic procedures can give you the best results.

Tooth Whitening/Bleaching

Teeth tend to become yellow with age. On exposure of enamel to substances like coffee, tea, or wine, this process may accelerate as well. As natural as they are, they tend to be very unattractive and associated with bad oral health (even though that’s not always the case!)

Dental bleaching is the perfect and one of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry options for people with straight teeth who only require brightening. Dental bleach is entirely different from traditional bleaching, and one shouldn’t attempt to try such a procedure themselves.

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Enamel Bonding

For deeply stained teeth (usually because of tobacco use), a little bleaching is never enough. Enamel bonding involves moulding a bonding agent to stick onto your enamel. UV light hardens the agent and, this can even cover chipped teeth. The only drawback is the need to get it touched up occasionally. However, if the procedure is for 1-3 teeth, enamel bonding is an effective and less-invasive procedure.

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Dental Veneers

Veneers also bind to the enamel on teeth but are long-lasting, unlike enamel bonding procedures. However, this procedure requires filing down or grinding teeth before taking an impression to place the veneer. one might need an anaesthetic since it may be a little painful.

The lab works on creating a permanent veneer from the mould, and until then, a temporary one stands in its place. The permanent one is bonded to the tooth using cement, providing the tooth with a whole new look. In some cases, one might have to wear a guard to protect the veneer if they grind their teeth at night.

However, in cases where there is significant damage and decay to the tooth, one might consider a more invasive procedure such as Dental Crowns. Placing dental veneers is less invasive since it preserves more of the original tooth.

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Invisalign Trays

For most adults, braces might seem like an embarrassing option. Fret not because Invisalign aligning trays might be the perfect option in its stead! They are clear and not easily noticed. While they’re a little expensive, it is a worthwhile investment for straighter teeth and a perfect smile.

They are less painful to use than typical braces and involve wearing clear aligner trays for approximately 22 hours a day. They’re easily removable and do not place limitations on what one can eat, making them built for modern life! The trays are customised and changed every fortnight. Unfortunately, they are easily stained, and one must be careful to keep them well-maintained.

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Enamel Abrasion

Natural yellowing of teeth occurs with the lifting of enamel that exposes the underlying yellowish dentin. Many cases of teeth yellowing stem from habits such as frequent wine and coffee drinking or tobacco use. In such instances, micro-abrasive procedures using fine pumice can remove these surface stains.

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The perfect set of teeth can make or break one’s self-confidence. Stop worrying and sign yourself up for one of these simple yet helpful procedures for a flawless smile!

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