The Main Reason I Switched to Blue Lizard Sunscreen

As someone in my 60s, I can remember back to a time when everyone used chemical sunscreen – you know, the types that everyone had back then. To be honest, no one knew any different – sunscreen is sunscreen…or so we thought. Then, just a year or two ago, I saw an advertisement for Blue Lizard sunscreen that piqued my interest. 

On it, the company had emblazoned ‘Reef-safe’. “Reef-safe?” I thought to myself…what does that mean? Does it mean it’s safe to wear when swimming around coral reefs? I was intrigued and so looked into the subject a little further on my tablet when I got home. 

The Info I Found On the Blue Lizard Website Shocked Me

I couldn’t have been further from the reality of the matter, as I found out when I visited the brand’s website. Honestly, what I found out shocked me to my core, as I realised that ‘reef safe’ terminology was used to mean safe for the reef, not for us. 

What shocked me the most is that despite thinking that the reefs were under general attack from climate change – the chemical sunscreens I’d been using all these years were one of the leading causes of the loss of these beautiful marine habitats. 

It turns out that millions of tonnes of chemical sunscreen – containing chemicals called oxybenzone and octinoxate – find their way into the oceans each year, and it’s causing untold damage. It causes bleaching that turns the reefs white, and once that happens, they’re no longer inhabitable by marine wildlife. It’s a crying shame. 

I Want My Grandkids’ Kids to Enjoy These Natural Wonders

Now, it has to be said that Blue Lizard sunscreen is not chemical based, but rather it’s made from zinc oxide, and it doesn’t harm the reefs. It’s rather a good sunscreen, but that’s by the by when you think of the bigger picture. I want to protect my skin (as old as it is now), and it does that really well, but my conscience tells me never to go back. 

You see, what’s more important than my skin is my kids, their kids and their kids after them being able to enjoy these natural wonders. Once the reefs are gone, they’re gone, and they’re unlikely to come back, so I will not be switching back EVER. 

Having spoken to my friends and family about it, they were unaware too, which makes me wonder how many other people don’t know about it. If they did, I think a lot of other people would at least consider switching. 

Switch to Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen & Save Our Reefs!

I felt so compelled to let others know about what’s happening to our reefs that I wrote this blog. It will all have been worth it if just one person switches because of it. If that happens to be you – then all the better! Granted, you have to get used to using something that’s slightly different to what you’re used to, but what a small price to pay to protect something so precious.

Switch today and tell someone else about it while you’re at it. Together, great things can be achieved.

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