The Surprising Benefits of Family Medicine- Ravinderjit Singh, MD

Have you ever required a vaccine, a medication for the flu, or perhaps wanted to talk to somebody about depressive symptoms? Well, a family medicine practitioner might be your best bet. Nonetheless, choosing who to see for particular concerns can be tough and confusing, with many options available for hospitals, doctors, and general healthcare. Fortunately, there is an easy fix regarding you and your family’s health- family medicine. Ravinderjit K Singh, MD of StatMD Urgent Care, is committed to offering safe and efficient procedures to her patients in Bakersfield, CA. Under her care, you are assured individualized urgent care and family medicine that emphasizes prevention and care. Call the office or request an appointment online to find out more.

What Services Does Dr. Singh Provide?

Family medicine is the subspecialty of primary care medicine. As its name implies, it is concerned with the whole family’s well-being, from newborns to the elderly.

Dr. Singh’s skillset is not restricted to a single organ or condition. Rather, it unifies health care for the whole patient, advocating for disease prevention, identification, diagnosis, and therapy. Among the many services she offers at StatMD Urgent Care include:

  •         X rays
  •         Treatment for sports injuries
  •         Treatment for respiratory infections
  •         Vaccinations
  •         Physical exams
  •         DOT and Sports physicals
  •         IV therapy
  •         Women’s health

Why Is Family Medicine Important?

Dr. Singh of StatMD Urgent Care emphasizes that family medicine is a huge part of your overall health and wellness. Some of the added advantages of her practice include:

1. Your family doctor remains with you throughout your life.

Whenever your physician meets you at different stages of your life, they learn about you as an individual and your health history. This relationship enables them to diagnose and treat you rapidly. They could also provide a sympathetic ear or connect you to a social worker or therapist if you are going through a tough or stressful time; thus, improving your overall health.

2. Your family doctor does more than routine health check-ups.

While family medicine physicians provide annual check-ups, they can also assist you in managing chronic medical diseases like arthritis, asthma, heart disease, and diabetes. They could also address your urgent medical issues, such as infections and traumas. Furthermore, your doctor helps you make well-informed decisions about your health by offering 2nd opinions.

3. Family doctors save lives as well as money.

The healthcare system saves money by using family medicine. If their doctor does not provide a wide range of services, patients end up traveling to the hospital or ER for treatment, which is pricey. However, you do not have to rush to the clinic for care with practitioners, such as family doctors who offer a full scope of services. Therefore, it saves money for yourself and the healthcare system.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of family medicine and urgent care for yourself? Contact StatMD Urgent Care over the phone or use the convenient online scheduling tool to arrange an initial consultation with Dr. Singh right away. 

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