The Three-legged Stool: Cell Health Expert Dr. Bill Cole’s Secrets to a Healthy Life 

Have you ever seen a stool with only two legs? Of course not. That’s because it could not stand without its third leg. This analogy is a favorite of Dr. Bill Cole, a well-known cell health expert focused on repairing human health by optimizing the body’s cells.

Dr. Cole applies the stool analogy to human health as a way to easily explain how our bodies’ main systems work together – and how the failure of one strongly affects the others.

His overarching view of health is that it is made up of three main areas: genes, stressors, and the gut. He believes that when one is underperforming, they are all underperforming.

Dr. Cole is the leader of the cellular health revolution. His work focuses on the study and adjustment of hormones, energy, longevity, brain health, and the thyroid. His unique approach involves working towards fixing the body’s cells through adjusting the diet, lifestyle, and environment.

He settled into this niche of the healthcare field after struggling with his own health. He was always exhausted and irritable, unable to cope with stress, and was suffering from brain fog that kept him from performing optimally in his professional and personal life.

As a health professional, he eventually diagnosed his problem as hormone issues. It took him several attempts to figure out how to rebalance his body. While coping with the symptoms of elevated blood sugar, liver enzymes, and high blood pressure, he finally realized that repairing his cells was the key to solving all of his health complaints.

Since then, he has made it his mission to help others repair their bodies at the cellular level. Here, he explains his stool theory in more detail and offers advice for starting your cellular health journey.

Working With Your Genes

In the past, people were told that their genes foretold the story of their health and the future of their bodies. Dr. Cole calls that an outdated point of view. While he is the first to admit that genes influence our health, he is also a believer in epigenetics, the field that studies how behavior and environment influence how genes act and react. He uses what this field teaches in his own health coaching.

He teaches that each person has a unique landscape of weak genes, but that these can be turned on or turned off by our lifestyle choices. In his coaching, he recommends enacting the ‘five Rs’ of cellular healing to turn off bad genes: Remove the source of dysfunction, regenerate the cell membrane, restore cellular energy, reduce cellular inflammation, and reestablish methylation.

Straightening Out Your Stressors

No matter how we design our lives, the modern world is full of stressors. From career and money to relationships and beyond, stressors play a factor in our lives and health every single day.

Dr. Cole points out that stressors include emotional factors, like those mentioned above, as well as physical and chemical stressors.

He noted that, as stressors increase, they send signals to our weak genes that encourage them to activate. This, in turn, leads to weaknesses in the body that most of us simply attribute to the luck of our genetic makeup. Dr. Cole disagrees.

He advises that, by lightening the stressors in our lives, we can enjoy improved health and bad genes that are activated less often and with less severity. It is in this way that he sees the second leg of the stool from his analogy directly affecting the first leg.

Dr. Cole believes in cellular detoxes to lower stressors, which are much deeper than traditional cleanses that focus on one area of the body, such as liver or colon cleanses. “If you don’t get truly into the cells of the body and the brain, then you are not detoxing. All health begins and ends at the cell level,” he said.

Sussing Out Your Gut

The third leg of the stool is the gut and its microbiome. This still-emerging field of knowledge distinguishes good from bad bacteria – and how these affect every other system in the body.

He attributes health complaints ranging from obesity to an inability to balance white blood cells to an overabundance of bad bacteria or a less than an optimal amount of helpful bacteria living in our digestive systems.

He thinks that a modern lifestyle encourages the poor health of the microbiome and that certain things people do are damaging to their gut, specifically not reducing the stressors mentioned in the second leg of the stool analogy.

He believes that when people are making sure that all three legs of their stool – or health – are balanced they can begin to regain their health.

About Dr. Bill Cole

Dr. Bill Cole is the creator of the Cellular Health Accelerator program and the founder of Key Cellular Nutrition, a large-scale online health coaching program. He regularly contributes to programs and publications as a health expert and has appeared on CBS, ABC, Amazon Prime TV, and FOX. He has helped thousands of clients around the world achieve optimal health. To learn more about Dr. Bill Cole visit

Laurel commented: “Can the client please advise what these ‘five Rs’ are? He did not clarify in the video and I can’t find this info on his site or via Google.”

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