Tips for Choosing a Board-Certified Otolaryngologist

Do you suffer from eye, ear, and breathing issues and don’t know where to find a cure for your ailments? Look no more as Richard L. Nass, M.D. is a board-certified otolaryngologist who offers the best ear, nose, and ear care. The doctor will guide you on ways to prevent infections affecting the ears, nose, throat, and other structures around the neck and the head. These tips will help you choose an otolaryngologist who meets your needs.

Ask For Referrals

Your primary caregiver will refer to the best otolaryngologist who meets your personality and health needs; you may ask friends if they have had the same issues and take time to research the otolaryngologist’s experience and credentials. After finding a list of otolaryngologists who meet your needs, you may visit their office to see if it is the right medical facility for your treatments. You will quickly know how the staff treats new patients. You may ask questions about their services and know if there have been medical accidents in their clinic.

Research Their Credentials

Your otolaryngologist should be board-certified, and you may ask for their certification and verify the information with the state’s board. The certification will inform you of the doctor’s skills, necessary training, and experience. You may confirm if the specific otolaryngologist has a history of malpractice and if they have ever faced disciplinary action; you might find this information on the state websites and

Consider Their Experience

An otolaryngologist’s experience will inform you if they are likely to treat your health condition effectively or not. The more experience the otolaryngologist will have, the higher the likelihood of the treatment going in the right direction. You may ask for a specific procedure and let them inform you about the success rate and the complications they have encountered.

Consider Your Doctor’s Gender

Sometimes an otolaryngologist of your gender would be an ideal pick as you need to discuss personal information. Gender might influence ENT care, and your gender would be ideal when choosing an otolaryngologist. For instance, women might need extra care; and you would ask the otolaryngologist about their training on gender-specific care.

Ask About Telehealth

Sometimes you might not visit the health care facility due to mobility problems or if you live in remote areas. You can ask your otolaryngologist about telehealth services. Technology has revolutionized healthcare, and your doctor should diagnose and treat ENT issues using telecommunication technology. You will utilize two-way video chat where the doctor visibly inspects the area; although telehealth may not replace in-person treatment, they are ideal for a medical emergency. Moreover, you will send the vitals and signs, and the doctor will monitor how you are reacting to the given medications.

Finding an otolaryngologist who provides the right ENT treatment is complex, and you would ask for recommendations from your primary caregiver and loved ones. Moreover, you may check if the otolaryngologist is board certified and if they have the proper training and skills to perform the given procedure. You may choose an expert of the same gender and ask about telehealth and after-care services. Good luck finding an otolaryngologist who meets your needs.

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