Top 5 Expert Ways to Deal with Crooked Teeth

Cases of misaligned or crooked teeth are not rare in America. But the cases vary in severity. If you have crooked teeth, you are only among the many enduring the condition, but you can get help from medical experts like Tamesha Morris, DDS, a Woodbridge Orthodontics specialist. Several treatment alternatives are available to manage your condition rejuvenating your smile to improve your feelings about yourself. You can correct crooked teeth through porcelain veneers, retainers, or braces. Additionally, you can learn how to prevent your condition from worsening and prevent it in the future. The expert ways of managing crooked teeth are explained herein.

Work with an Orthodontics Specialist

Look for a provider specializing in handling issues to do with jaw or teeth misalignment. Your provider will examine your condition to understand the necessary steps to take. Ensure you discuss your objective and specific goals with our provider to aid in decision-making. Ask about all possible courses of your treatment, including their costs, possible complications, and benefits. Your provider will assess your needs to provide you with only the best option.

Invest in Braces

For major cases of crooked teeth, braces can be the best option to fix teeth. Your dentist will tell you if you are good to use braces and advise you better. You can consider braces if you have additional alignment complications like crossbites, overbites, and underbites. Several braces are available, and you ought to discuss thoroughly with your provider to understand the best type for you. But remember to choose the braces you want depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Do not forget to consult your provider about taking care of your braces and adopting to eating with them. Additionally, you should maintain regular visits to your provider to be on the lookout for any issues that might arise.

Retainers for Mild Crooked Teeth

If you have minor tooth gaps or your teeth are less crooked, you can opt for retainers. They are less expensive than other alternatives. Your provider will fit the retainer in your mouth and help you adjust to the device. It will only be for a short while before you are used to having the device, and there will be fewer complications. However, you can expect some effects on your speech, and you might produce more saliva, which should improve over time. But remember to call your orthodontist if you suffer pain or notice your retainer is pulling too hard. Also, note that you need to pay extra attention to your oral healthcare routine as the metal wires can scratch your teeth’s enamel and cause issues like decay.

Considering Porcelain Veneers

You can also use veneers to correct minor misalignment issues. This treatment option involves covering minor complications using a special shell rather than correcting them. However, you should consider this option over 35 as it could affect your pulp if used early. Note that veneers are permanent and will not be removed, unlike braces and retainers. They are also more expensive than other alternatives. Therefore, consult adequately to ensure they are your best choice of correcting your issue.

Learn to Prevent Crooked Teeth

Prevention is the best cure for any condition. Therefore, consult your provider on ways you can avoid crooked teeth from worsening or ever-recurring in the future after your treatment. Understand that gingivitis is highly associated with crooked teeth, and avoiding it could be safe for you. Therefore, improve your oral health care and visit your dentist regularly.

Learn how you can deal with crooked teeth from the Momentum Dental Care expert team of orthodontics specialists. Ensure you explore your options carefully and consult your provider to make the best decision for your perfect smile.

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