Top 7 Reasons Why You Should See a pediatrician

It is normal for young mothers to be torn between their family physician and pediatrician for their kid’s healthcare requirements. Whereas you are probably well-bonded with your family doctor, and they might have helped you with a wide range of concerns, it is critical to contemplate seeing your Argyle pediatrician. Dr. Carrie Jones is not only versed in the specific concerns that affect children but also understands how to communicate effectively with them. As a result, you can expect enhanced care outcomes and unique procedures tailored to their specific wants. Read on to discover seven common reasons you might need to arrange a pediatric visit.

1. Check Up on Your Newborn

Never overlook your newborn’s health. In the first week of birth, have a pediatrician check on their health to ensure healthy development. Dr. Jones takes approximately thirty minutes to analyze your baby’s health before providing a definitive assessment of the baby’s wellbeing.

2. Annual Medical Exams

Child wellness checks, also known as annual medical exams, are essential when monitoring your kid’s developmental milestones. More often than not, these exams include measures of your weight, height, and general body outlook. If the kid is not developing as anticipated, your pediatrician will employ various procedures to ensure the infant’s development and wellbeing are met.

3. Ear Infections

According to the CDC, kids are twice as likely to develop ear infections than adults. For this reason, by visiting a pediatrician, you can expect the best solutions for such troubles and measures to prevent a recurrence.

4. Common Cold

It is well known that ordinary colds can cause secondary infections in children. If it remains unaddressed, it could culminate into more significant concerns. Pediatric care is quite beneficial in treating common colds, particularly during the winter months, thus, avoiding any associated complications.

5. Nutritional Counsel

Pediatric care is not only about routine checks and immunizations; it is also responsible for ensuring that they access the appropriate nutrition for their development. Most youngsters grow finicky when deciding what to consume, often resulting in some nutrient deficiencies. Your pediatrician will advise you on what meals you should give your kids to guarantee they obtain all the necessary nutrients for development. 

6. Immunizations

Immunization of children is not only a health imperative but also a legal obligation. Failure to take your child for clinical care, particularly immunization, could be termed negligence, which is a legal offense. To ensure your kid develops correctly, ask the pediatrician for every immunization and the benefits. Typically, these immunizations begin at birth and end at about two years.

7. Behavioral Concerns

A kid’s behavior is always a cause of concern for new parents. Most young parents are uncertain if their kids are behaving normally or have some behavioral concerns that require professional intervention. As a result, it is critical to explore the services of a competent specialist who can assist in comprehending the kid’s behavior. Pediatricians are experts on children’s behavior and will right away tell you whether or not something is amiss.

Now that you understand when to see a pediatrician, where can you seek the best pediatric care in Argyle, TX? Argyle Pediatrics is a premier pediatric clinic that offers a full scope of services specific to the health needs of children. Whether your kid is struggling with a cold, allergies, sports-related injuries, or other concerns, Dr. Carrie Jones can help. Call the office or use the online scheduling tool to arrange an appointment today.

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