Top Benefits of Tooth Fillings

Having decayed teeth affects your ability to chew food and can also affect your physical appearance. Usually, eating soft foods remains your only option when you experience tooth sensitivity while biting hard food. Similarly, the temperatures of your food should also be considered because any hot or cold food or drink increases tooth sensitivity. For the above reasons, most specialists seek various cosmetic and medical methods while finding a solution to their problems. If no improvement is noted, tooth removal remains the only solution. Therefore, if you have damaged or decayed teeth and are interested in filling them to prevent further damage, fillings San Ramon specialists provide a solution to all your problems. They are qualified and experienced in filling your teeth which helps restore their functioning and aesthetic value. Below is all you need to know concerning tooth fillings.

What are fillings?

Fillings are an example of methods used to restore the function of damaged or decayed teeth. Generally, it is a pain-free procedure that takes an hour or less, and you can return home after your procedure. The primary reason for applying tooth fillings to your damaged or decayed teeth is to prevent further damage. They also help you chew and bite food without experiencing any sensitivity or pain.

What are the benefits of tooth fillings?

  • Prevent your cavity from growing

Usually, before getting a filling, your dentist begins by cleaning out all plaque and decay to ensure the environment does not allow bacteria to multiply. After cleaning, fillings are applied, which prevent further entry of food particles or the formation of plaque that can worsen the condition of your tooth.

  •  Improve the strength of fractured teeth

In most cases, when a white composite is used to repair a fractured tooth, it also improves its strength. There are various ways in which your teeth can be fractured, including chewing hard substances such as ice or due to accidents like sports.

  • They look like your natural teeth

For people interested in getting fillings for aesthetic value, composite resin helps improve the appearance of your teeth because they look just like your natural teeth. Since they look like your natural enamel, it is hard to differentiate the teeth that have been refilled from your natural teeth. And since people may not like using methods that can attract people’s attention, like braces, there is no need to worry in this situation because fillings are comfortable and no one can tell any difference in your teeth.

  •  Provides a long-term solution

Typically, some fillings like porcelain or cast gold fillings have been used to provide a long-term solution to your problem. Usually, they can last for up to fifteen years. These fillings resist corrosion, making them a bit more expensive compared to other types of fillings. Despite the extra cost you will pay when purchasing the long-term fillings, they are worthwhile because they can last longer and reduce any tooth discomfort.

Usually, tooth fillings fill decayed teeth and repair cracked or broken teeth. Therefore, if you have damaged, decayed, broken, or cracked teeth and are looking for fillings to prevent further decay or damage, you can start by calling or booking your appointment online at San Ramon Dental Excellence.

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