Types of Dentistry Services Available

Apart from oral examination and general cleaning, many other dental services are offered depending on your concerns. Examples of some of the dental services available are pediatric and cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, depending on your needs, you might receive some dentistry services to ensure your needs are met. Suppose you have certain dental concerns and are looking for New York Dentistry on Park to receive some services, such as periodontal treatments. Start by understanding various dentistry services available and what dental conditions they are used to treat. Below are a few types of dentistry services available.

 Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has become very popular in the current generation because it helps improve your physical appearance and the quality of your smile. Teeth whitening or professional teeth whitening is one of the common cosmetic dental procedures performed, especially when you are interested in looking for a way to brighten your smile by reducing discoloration and stains from your teeth. Examples of other cosmetic dentistry procedures available include dental crowns, dental implants, tooth bonding, and teeth shaping. Another popular option is dental veneers which involve cementing a thin shell to the front of your teeth, thus improving their outlook.

 Endodontic procedures

Painless root canal treatments are offered when the interior of your tooth has been damaged, infected, or diseased. In most cases, when general dentists come across such teeth, you are referred to an endodontic specialist. The role of the specialist is to diagnose and treat dental problems affecting the inner part of your tooth. They usually perform root canal treatment, especially when the tooth cavity has reached the pulp cavity and nerves are affected, making you experience pain.

Pediatric dental services

In most cases, if you are dealing with kids, it is essential to refer them to pediatric dentists because they have skills tailored toward offering the best care for kids’ oral health. They usually offer specialized care to infants, pre-schooling kids to teenagers. Examples of services that pediatric dentists offer include exams, cleaning, and cavity fillings, among other services tailored to meet your child’s unique needs. They are also qualified to monitor the development of your kid’s teeth and diagnose other oral diseases related to childhood conditions. Pediatric dentists are the best for your kids because they have age-specific knowledge and skills to ensure your child receives the best care.

Orthodontic services

Generally, orthodontic services aim at improving the alignment of your jaw and teeth. Therefore, people with misaligned teeth, overbite, crossbite, or underbite may need orthodontic services to correct such concerns. Examples of orthodontic services available include palate expanders, braces, fixed-space maintainers, headgear, and other specialized treatments that aim at improving the alignment of your biter or teeth with time.

 Periodontal treatments

Periodontal treatment involves services like diagnosing, preventing, and treating conditions and diseases that affect the supporting structures of your teeth. Gum disease treatment is one of the main services offered and might involve surgical procedures like pocket reduction and gum graft procedures.

Due to advancement in dentistry, various dental services can be offered to treat certain dental problems; therefore, if you have any dental concerns that warrant dental services, you can book your appointment at Dentistry on Park today and receive the services that will meet your unique needs.

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