Want Better Sleep? Here’s How to Get That Floating-in-Space Feeling

We all know that sleep is important for overall health and wellness. A good night’s sleep keeps us functioning and focused. Whether you’re a busy student, a CEO, or someone juggling different roles, how well you sleep seriously affects your performance throughout the day.

For inspiration about how to get a better night’s rest. We look to astronauts who snooze while floating through space. While there are a host of challenges, sleeping in zero-gravity takes the pressure off their joints and muscles. Likely, this is something many of us would love to experience.

What if you could get that almost-floating sensation right here on Earth? It’s actually possible.

Space Sleep 101: The Astronaut Way

Here on earth, gravity keeps us grounded. It’s why we crave that perfectly comfy mattress to snuggle into each night. Aboard the International Space Station, there’s very little gravitational pull, so they sleep without worrying about neck stiffness or lower back pain. NASA studies have even looked at how the human body responds to low-gravity conditions. The findings? Less gravity equals better sleep.

Get that Zero-Gravity Feeling Without Leaving Earth

You don’t need a rocket to achieve that “floating while you’re sleeping” vibe. An adjustable bed and an adjustable bed frame can give you a similar sensation. The adjustable base replaces your traditional box spring and can lift both your head and feet into what’s known as a zero-gravity position.

Elevating your upper body can actually help reduce snoring and potentially help with sleep apnea. If you’re expecting a baby and dealing with swollen feet and restless nights, an adjustable bed might be your new best friend.

And for those who find it hard to sit up in bed, the adjustable base can lift you into a seated position. That means getting out of bed is easier, and you can chill in a seated position for movie nights or morning coffee without spilling it everywhere.

What to Look for When Buying an Adjustable Bed

So, you’re sold on the idea and you’re shopping for an adjustable bed. Here are some key features to consider:

  • Independent head and foot elevation
  • Lightweight but durable design
  • Easy control through an app or smart speaker
  • Quiet motor with high weight capacity
  • Compatibility with existing bed frames
  • Easy assembly without needing any tools

How to Max Out Your Zero-Gravity Sleep Experience

Once you’ve got your adjustable bed set up, it usually comes with a remote that has a quick “zero-gravity” setting. However, don’t hesitate to customize the angles to what feels most comfortable to you, especially if you don’t normally sleep on your back.

Choosing a Mattress for Your Adjustable Bed

Concerned that your mattress might not play well with an adjustable base? One of the most popular versions is from Realcozy that offers high-tech options that can help to easily change positions with a wireless remote or by using your optional voice control unit w/ wireless phone charging.

So, while a trip to outer space might not be in the cards for most of us, we can still get that astronaut-like, weightless sleep with an adjustable bed. For anyone dealing with aches and pains, or just wanting a better night’s sleep, this could be your ticket to an out of this world good night’s rest.

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