Weight Loss—How a Chiropractor can Help

Yes, a chiropractor Brick NJcan help you lose weight.  A chiropractor does do alignments on your spine, but they can also help with other medical issues.  They can help a patient develop a natural weight loss plan and stick to the plan.  Yes, it is well-known that a chiropractor can help relieve your back pain, which can help give some motivation to exercise.  This in turn helps with the motivation to lose weight.

When you visit a chiropractor, they will view and treat your entire body.  Everything in your body is linked in some way.  Although they do specialize in the musculoskeletal system, a chiropractor does take a holistic approach to the overall health of your body.  It is true that chiropractors do not treat everything but there are benefits with chiropractic care that can help with weight loss in Point Pleasant.

  • Obesity and chronic pain do seem to go hand-in-hand.  It seems that people who are suffering from chronic pain are many times obese.  And those that are obese seem to be suffering from chronic pain.  When you can lose weight, the pain seems to lessen also.
  • It is a vicious cycle of pain and obesity, and it seems that when some people are in pain, they want to eat.  This is especially true of foods that are high in starches and sugar.  A chiropractor thinks that if you can relieve pain naturally it will help with the eating.  Back pain is generally the common complaint among those that are obese so that is a good place for chiropractors to start.  When a chiropractor Brick NJcan help to alleviate some of the pain naturally it can help to jumpstart your weight loss journey.
  • When your chiropractor does spinal alignments, they do more than just help relieve pain and start your weight loss journey.  These alignments can also help your body have the ability to burn fat to help you stay healthy.  If your spine is out of alignment, it can affect the nerve pathways of your central nervous system.  These are the nerves that run through your spinal column.  If the pathways are disrupted, this can affect almost every aspect of your body.  This can also affect how your body burns fat along with how your metabolic system operates each day.
  • If your spine is misaligned, it can mess with the regulations of your hormones.  Some of these hormones are responsible for breaking down food correctly in the digestive process.  When they are affected, it can prevent weight loss in Point Pleasant and contribute to weight gain.
  • When you are not in pain, then you will feel more like exercising, which will help you lose weight.  Chiropractic care can help you lose weight and be able to exercise.


As you can see from this article, seeing a chiropractor can help you lose weight if they help to alleviate the pain you are in.  It can also correct the nerve pathways and promote hormone regulations.  All of these can help with weight loss.

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