What are some good alternative forms of pain relief?

We’ve put a lot of time, money, research and hard work into effective forms of pain relief methods over the centuries. Early forms of this work verbal, along with the use of alcohol in certain intoxicants, and if we’re being honest, most modern pharmaceuticals are just a step up from this, really. We use certain intoxicants and narcotics as a form of pain relief, because frankly, they work.

Unfortunately, perhaps you have an aversion to an abundant use of pharmaceuticals, because let’s be honest, they can actually eat your brain alive if you have to be on them for very long, and addiction is a real issue with these. This isn’t to admonish the use of pharmaceuticals, especially non-addictive analgesics, because they are very important. Sometimes, they are the only thing that will suffice to control the level of pain you experience.

For less severe pain, pain that maybe even these narcotics can’t help, you may be in search of alternative pain relief methods, maybe you are interested in acupuncture in Dublin. Well, we’ll talk a little bit about acupuncture, as well as the scientific evidence to support the core philosophies behind it, but first, let me perhaps dissuade you from some wild goose chases when it comes to alternatives, there are a lot of nonsense offerings out there.

Don’t be fooled!

Online and on TV, you may be hearing a lot of claims stating that things like essential oils, supplements, miracle potions and so forth. Not a single one of these works, and I can say that unilaterally. All of these are, at best, placebos, and at worst, snake oil. Don’t buy into any of this ridiculous nonsense, it can be hazardous to your health as well as your pocketbook.

A look at acupuncture

Acupuncture is not bunk, though traditionally, it is a little separated from proper science. However, unlike the things I mentioned above, acupuncture does have a fundamental understanding of a core concept with neurology. Traditionally, acupuncture is a manipulation of Chi, or life energy, through the body. Obviously, life energy isn’t particularly a thing in and of itself, but we can look at this is just an early understanding of the flow of electrical energy through the nervous system, because that’s what they were actually targeting. At the time, bio electricity was not a concept, really electricity wasn’t for the most part. But, they knew there was some kind of unseen force channeling through the body, and so they worked to understand it and manipulated. These were smart people, they just didn’t have the level of medical and scientific knowledge that we do today.

Acupuncture uses tiny needles, once it only goes skin deep, and seek to block, redirect and alter the potency of electrical currents through the nervous system. This can be used to reduce pain signals, to better balance the flow of signals, theoretically even enhance certain signals by redirecting energy in potency to them.

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It’s crazy to hear and read about the different alternatives people use for pain relief. I know this is going to sound strange, but did you know people even use hardcore drugs like heroin as pain relief medication. That’s right, some people end up suffering from heroin addiction because they began using it as a way to treat their chronic pains. This leads them down a dangerous path of addiction and sorrow. Avoid going down this path yourself and only use recommended medications and or treatments.
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As far as alternate pain relief methods, this one has clinical proof that it can work in some circumstances, so if you are interested in acupuncture in Dublin or elsewhere, it merits some investigation. It is no substitute for actual pain relief medications in many cases, but can possibly be used to reduce the amount of pain killers needed, and that is a good thing! However, consult your physician before pursuing it, because certain conditions and psychologies may be averse to needles and skin puncturing.

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