What are stretch marks, how serum will work?

Stretch marks are the most common skin conditions where collagen and elastin began to rupture that are essential to support our skin. This rupturing will lead to certain spots on the skin which leads to stretch marks or shrinking of the skin. This rupturing will be followed by some healing process and as result, these marks will become visible. The only way to cure these marks is the usage of stretch mark serum.

Causes of stretch marks:

Stretch marks may or may not appear at the same age and time for all the people. Excessive usage of corticosteroids on skin leads to marks on the applied area. Other reasons for stretch marks include sudden weight loss and gain, pregnancy, and hormonal changes that may lead to stretch marks.


These marks are darker in color or depend on your natural skin color. These marks cause itching when their formation starts and they may hurt. With time skin under these marks, shrink and one can feel more depression in the affected area.


Stretch marks cannot be removed completely but their appearance can be less noticeable by following some procedures.  Usage of certain ingredients like Vitamin E, coconut, and almond oil are effective for some time in the appearance of stretch marks.

For more protection of your skin, one can use hyaluronic acid on the skin for better collagen production. One of the finest methods to avoid and cure them is the usage of stretch mark serum.

How stretch mark serum will work?

The main reason for appearing these marks is a lack of collagen and elastin in a certain area. These serums will provide you with enough elastin that will reduce the appearance of fine lines as well as protect your skin from further rupturing of elastin and collagen body tissues.

Provide moisture:

There is a huge difference in the moisture level of normal and stretch mark areas. When there is no collagen and elastin excessive moisture will be lost from the skin. A certain level of moisture is required to keep skin elastic, but no water is present there will be more shrinkage. Stretch mark serums’ main function is to provide enough moisture and lock remaining moisture to lower the appearance of marks.

Development of elastin:

Protein is the main part of the human body; lower protein level has a direct relation with stretch marks. Due to excessive weight loss levels of protein drop and as a result, these marks become more prominent. Stretch mark serum help in boosting protein level and lower the stretching or shrinking of the skin.

Lighten the skin:

Tanning is more visible during the appearance of stretch marks. These creams are designed to remove the tan of skin more significantly. This serum has ingredients that will brighter your skin tone and there will be less difference in color between your normal and skin with stretch marks.

Application of serums on stretch marks increases the bouncy level to equal the skin level on all areas. More softening will be added to your skin with an extra layer of moisture.

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