What are the Biggest Concerns of Women About Using Contraceptive Pills?

Although pills are a common and popular method to avoid pregnancy, not all women are willing or confident enough to try them out. Pills are definitely one of the most effective and reliable ways of birth control. However, despite its high success rate and safety, women are still seeking other birth control techniques for protecting themselves against pregnancy.

Many women are hesitant to use contraceptive pills due to some side effects like weight gain, mood swings, and spotting. In addition, contraceptive pills can also increase the risk of breast cancer due to hormonal changes that affect breast tissue. These are actually some of the biggest concerns that women have about using contraceptive pills.  Therefore, it is quite difficult for women to decide which contraceptive is right for them. With all of the risks and side effects involved with the pills, it’s important to know all of your options when it comes to womens care and planning a family.

Main Concerns of Women About Hormonal Contraception

According to the Women’s Health and Wellness Survey conducted towards the end of 2020 among almost 1055 women, the concerns most women have around taking contraceptive pills were understood. Here are the findings from the survey.

  • About 610 women’s concern was that contraceptive pills would lead to weight gain. That means 58% of the women surveyed responded that they are reluctant to take contraceptive pills since the pills would result in weight gain.
  • 40% of women believed that the consumption of contraceptive pills would cause hormonal imbalance.
  • 24% of women doubt whether contraceptive pills are safe, and 19% of women are concerned about the effectiveness of contraceptive pills.
  • 11% of women assumed that taking contraceptive pills would cause infertility.
  • About 39% of women are reluctant to take contraceptive pills as they result in mood swings.

This survey was actually carried out among 1055 women. Of these women, a total of 430 women were using hormonal contraception methods like pills, implants, vaginal rings, and contraceptive patches. Whereas, the other 610 women were reluctant to use hormonal contraceptive methods, assuming hormonal contraception would result in weight gain.

Based on the results of this survey, it is clearly evident that most women don’t go with the idea of hormonal contraceptive methods due to one of their bad experiences or by hearing negative reviews from other women.

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