What Increases the Chances of Getting Back Pain After 50?

Most people forget to look after their health and encounter various issues once they age. In order to get rid of the pain after the age of 50, you need to first take preventive measures at a younger age. Once you start feeling this pain, you may not be able to perform routine work that will lead to more lethargy and frustration. When we grow old, we lose the tendency to recover from illness as well and quickly as we do at a young age. That’s why you should always take care of your health and body at the right age. If the pain persists after a few days, you need to get in touch with a doctor who can offer the right treatment for Jersey City back pain. Some of the reasons why you experience this pain are as follows:

Sitting for Long Periods of Time for Many Years

One of the major reasons why a person feels continuous back pain after age 50 is due to sitting for long periods of time. Gradually, the body starts to lose its strength and the person feels pain and discomfort, which don’t go away unless he or she takes painkillers.

Stress on a Personal or Professional Level

If you are someone who gets anxious very easily, you are likely to have back pain quite often. Many a time, people lead a stressful life when it comes to a personal and professional manner. It may cause anxiety, stress, and depression for many years. Mental wellbeing is important when it comes to staying physically healthy too. In old age, you will experience pain in the back if you have lived a stressful life. If you want to get rid of this issue, you should practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis.

Blame Your Mattress

Many people don’t realize the fact the wrong types of mattresses can ruin your health. We should sleep on a mattress that is comfortable and suitable for our bodies. Most of us love to sleep on a soft mattress. However, they are not good for your back and neck, as they don’t provide support to the spine as we sleep. The best mattress is one that is not too hard or too soft on your back.

If you take preventive measures at an early age, you will decrease your chances of facing this problem after the age of 50.

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